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Without any doubt, we were greatly blessed in Ilorin, Kwara state to have received the ministry of Dr Pastor Paul Enenche and his Wife, Dr Pastor Becky Enenche, in a healing and Deliverance Crusade held in ilorin, Kwara state. I was so excited on hearing that the man of God is coming to town, so i was there, both at the crusade ground held in Kwara state stadium and at the morning Minister’s conference held at Arca santa event hall, it was a time of spiritual renewal of strength, Impartation and connectivity to higher Grace, the honest truth is, the Gospel of Christ is spreading in ilorin, even though we still have some level of religious constrains and limitations affecting the Christian Faith in the city. I was also very happy to see the power of God move across the stadium, When Dr Paul Enenche was ministering, the first night was so full of expectations, we were expectant of what God will do, the last time we had such a mighty crusade where the lame were healed, blind eyes open and all manner of miracles was during the visit of Reinhard Bonnke and that’s many years ago.

So having Dr Paul Enenche and his wife come to town was a major addition to the kingdom work in that territory, we bless God for the impact of the crusade, I saw miracles, i mean with my very eyes, the same kind of miracles i use to watch on the T.V, i saw it happened live, that same presence of God that is at Dunamis Glory Dome, was manifested in the stadium as we worship God together, it was such a glorious visitation, i really felt the release of the Power of God all over my body that day.

It all started with the choir singing for over 2hours before the arrival of God’s servant Dr Paul Enenche, the choir worship and praise session created an atmosphere of excitement and expectancy prior to the arrival of God’s servant, when Dr Paul Enenche arrived, there was great Joy in the atmosphere, one of the Dunamis Pastor came on the stage and led a very fireful Prayer session, after which, the Choir had their ministration, afterwards, Mummy Becky Enenche came on the stage, and lead the people to pray, thanked God and bind the forces of darkness across the territory of Kwara state, declared the crusade open in the name of the father, son and holy spirit.

Not long after, Deborah Paul-Enenche came on the stage to minister, with an ancient spirit filled yoruba song “baba ye, je ki jobare de…” that song ignited a strong atmosphere of God’s presence, we could see worshipers everywhere lifting hands, crying to God in worship, and then, the Man of God came on the scene in that strong atmosphere of worship, he started playing his soprano trumpet and lead us to worship God, that moment, there was such an intense mighty presence of God, i was already in tears too, worshiping God heavily, the Power of God was right there with us, we could feel it all over the place.

Not long after that, Dr Paul declared that every age long affliction and oppression of the devil be broken right now, he also declared the healing of people’s body and amazingly, the healing started, a lady with walking stick drop the stick and started walking on her own, she said she had an accident few months ago, that left her broken leg, the leg was healed without anyone touching her, she walked up to the altar herself, another man came to town few days before the crusade and was meant to have a surgery, but the power of God healed him right there n the crusade and there was no more need for surgery, a whole lot of mighty miracles, signs and wonders happened to the Glory of God.

The Ministers conference was an eye opener, as both Dr Paul Enenche and his Wife, ministered prophetically, in teaching, in worship and impartation and we give God the glory, there were diverse testimonies of great things God did, and we bless the name of the Lord for the miracles.

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