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-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

  • Every fellowship has an innumerable company of angels standing there, strengthening the saints.
    *There is a realm of revelation, there is a realm of illumination.
    *It takes illumination to subdue the horrors of the powers of darkness hanging around our lives to hurt us.
    *Every Word found is like a seed placed in your hand: you may choose to eat it, you may choose to plant it.
    “Every commandment of scriptures is for my profiting”: can we say that together!
    Therefore, as we look at another of His commandments today, may the profiting therein find expression in your life.
    Every commandment of scriptures applies to whosoever believes and it is for our profiting. He has not asked the seed of Jacob to seek in vain. It is for our profiting.
    Isaiah 45:19
    Thou shall serve the Lord your God and He shall bless your bread, NOT bless the Church – Exodus 23:25
    -May the profiting that emanates from these scriptural instructions find clear fulfillment in your own life.
    Now we look at the Fellowship Commandment.
    Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labour – Ecclesiastes 4:9
    Matthew 18:19 – That addresses the Cell system: you are there in My Name, I am there in your midst. What I bind there is bound in Heaven, what I loose there is loosed in Heaven. Jesus is saying, I am in the midst of your small groups as much as I am in the midst of your big groups.
    Acts 5:42, Acts 2:46-47
    But interestingly, we understand this morning that our spiritual life is preserved in fellowship. (In the) Fellowship is the altar of prayer from where we take fire from the altar to keep the power of God in our lives burning.
    Hebrews 3:13-14
    It is the fellowship that engraces believers to hold their confidence in Christ to the end. Fellowship is our rescue line from spiritual drowning!! Our spiritual life is preserved in fellowship.

Psalm 84:7
It’s our spiritual covenant platform from where we go from strength to strength.
Proverbs 24:10 – From fellowship, we gather spiritual energy that empowers us to conquer the battles of our lives, that strengthens us for victory in the day of battle.

Furthermore, we understand from scriptures that the house of God is the centre of spiritual illumination which empowers us to subdue the powers of darkness.
Psalm 73:17 – The house of the Lord is a centre of spiritual illumination, centre of spiritual revelation where God opens up things which otherwise, we will not have come across.
The fellowship commandment is absolutely for our benefit.

Remember we contend not with flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and wicked spirits in high places – Ephesians 6:12. So it takes not just being enlightened but being illuminated to dominate them.

There is a realm of revelation, there is a realm of illumination. It takes illumination to subdue the horrors of the powers of darkness hanging around our lives to hurt us. The stronger the light at work in us, the greater our authority of command over them.
John 1:1,4-5,9
When we are truly lighted, darkness and the voice of darkness clears the way from our paths, on their own accord. You are not struggling with them, they find their way out on their own accord. When you are thoroughly lighted, our dominion over the powers of darkness is thoroughly established.
Thank You Jesus!!
Furthermore, the Church of Christ is the city of refuge today.
2 Samuel 7:10 – He appoints a place for His people where the children of wickedness can no longer afflict them as at former time. It is a graphic picture of the city of refuge in the Old Testament and that city remains intact for a covering while the High Priest lives. Now we have a High Priest that was once dead, “now behold I am alive and live forever more.” So when we connect to that city of refuge, we remain unhurt people on the earth.
-The time of being hit by misfortunes is over in your life.
-The time of being taken for a ride by the wickedness of the wicked has come finally to an end.
All we need is to comply with the fellowship commandment!!
Acts 2:46-47
Favour comes, that is decorating the lives of people and many are being attracted to Church. We are back in those days now where the glory of God in our various Cell Fellowship systems will be so compelling, so attractive that unbelievers will flow, to find out how is God doing this in the midst of this people and He will draft them in and add them to His Church.
We understand every commandment of scriptures is ordained to address certain issues of our lives.
-The issue of defeat in battle is over.
Why? They go from strength to strength – Psalm 84:10, Proverbs 24:10
Your strength goes up to give you the victory, the upper hand in every battle of life.
Fellowship is our spiritual service system from where our spiritual energy is serviced against the day of battle. It is a platform where 2 can put ten thousand to flight. One can chase a thousand.
So it is not for the fun of fellowshipping, it is for tapping into the power in fellowship.
-You tapping into power of fellowship this time, in the name of Jesus Christ.
These things work, work them out in your life. Until you work it, it does not work in your life.
This thing works. Become addicted to fellowship, knowing what is in it for you and watch the difference it will keep making in your life.
Defining the Church in Hebrews chapter 12 verses 22 to 24: that shows the picture of the forces available, the forces at work in Zion that work your rescue and my rescue. So it is no guess work. Every fellowship has an innumerable company of angels standing there, strengthening the saints.
They have come to Jesus, the answer to all human problems, all human questions. He never referred a case all through his earthly ministry, so He has the answer to every question. Fellowship is not about, “I know him”, there are forces beyond the scene that are present in fellowship and those forces are the forces that secure our destiny and life in fellowship.
2 Corinthians 11:3
Connect with it and watch the beauty that will keep coming out of it, in the name of Jesus Christ.
-It’s your turn for a change of story.
Every Word found is like a seed placed in your hand: you may choose to eat it, you may choose to plant it. The choice is yours. You eat it today, it is gone for life. You plant it in the centre of your good and honest heart, the harvest is sure.

Every seed located will respond to your choice: your choice to plant it, your choice to thrash it and your choice to eat it.
What you plant today, holds a harvest for you tomorrow.
What you eat today, goes through your toilet system, to join the other things you have eaten: in case they need them tomorrow for planting season, it is wasted down the drain. It’s all about your choice.

The good news today is that fellowship holds tremendous values for the believer. The devil is scared of God’s people in fellowship. He knows the cheapest way to break their strength is to disconnect them from fellowship. So he keeps them busy, he goes through a number of propaganda including the one we just heard, to instill fear in people for fellowship, but they don’t instill fear in them for markets because they are going to eat. We must get smarter than the devil by taking advantage of our spiritual arsenal to make the most of our lives.
-You will never be stranded.
Say with me, “every commandment of scriptures is for my profiting. When I subscribe to the commandment of fellowship, I keep going from strength to strength, equipped for the battles of life ahead of me, so I don’t get defeated anymore. So help me Jesus to take full advantage of fellowship in building required strength, required energy against the day of battle. In building the required faith to command the victory needed in a battle. So help me Jesus to remain committed to the Service Centre of Fellowship, so my faith can be in place and my strength can be intact to engage in any battle and return victorious.”
Prayers: Lift up your two hands and pray. Everybody, pray that prayer. Take all the praise, thank You Jesus for light. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
No one here shall lose his place in fellowship.
No one shall lose his place in strength.
No one shall lose his place in victory.
Your place on this platform shall not remain empty.
You shall be found in the presence of your Father from time to time and it will be clear that God is changing your levels.
Your life will never lack testimonies.
Psalm 132:13-16
What a Word from God. That is God’s package for His people in Zion. That is what is obtainable for us in Zion. That is what God has packaged for us as men and women who are addicted to fellowship. The shout of joy shall not return from your habitation, it shall be there for life.
Give God thanks. Ask God for grace to remain committed to fellowship as your new spiritual way of life, so you don’t lose ground to the enemy anymore.

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