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Financial Prosperity Is God’s Plan For His Children

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One of the things that God showed me and talked to me about for the year 2022 is financial prosperity for His people. Before the end of year 2021, God revealed to me that He is causing many of His children to move into the realm of financial superabundance, and it is for this reason that He is causing the businesses of many of His people to grow bigger and expand because, financial prosperity for His children is part of His agenda for the last days.

He told me that there are great and bountiful harvests this year, and one of the harvests is financial harvest, that is, financial superabundance.

The cause of God is advancing this year. He has brought His Church to the time and season of total takeover, and for this total takeover to become a reality, His children must possess the finance to silence those who are rich in the world, who use their riches to oppress and try to suppress the Church and the people of God. He said, “my Cities through prosperity shall yet be spread abroad” (Zechariah 1:17).

The Church of Jesus, the Kingdom of God, and the people of God can only advance through prosperity, we all have to understand this truth and stop creating force of repulsion which has been repelling financial prosperity. It is for this reason that Jesus brought to us the gospel, because the gospel of Christ, when properly preached, believed, and received, always makes people rich.

Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor…” (Luke 4:18). If God wanted people poor, He would not have sent Jesus, and Jesus Himself wouldn’t have come, but He knew the desire of the Father, and He came to do the Father’s will by bringing the gospel to the world.
Today, because of what Jesus had done, no matter how poor person is, if only He can get to hear the complete gospel of Christ in truth, poverty will leave him because, the gospel would make him rich. So, as the kingdom of God is spreading abroad, His people and His Church would be taking over until there’s nothing left for the adversaries to control.

In this season and this year, there is the eradication of poverty among God’s people. Those who would remain poor financially among God’s children would be: those who ignore His word, those who don’t believe in Him, those who don’t believe His prophets because He always uses His prophets to bring restoration to His children, and bring them into their realm of abundance, and lastly, those who chose not to act on the word they hear, who ignore it, and trivialize it.

The Lord is giving His children the opportunity to be part of His work, to be financial partners in the spread of the complete gospel, and sponsor things that promote His righteousness. He revealed to me that nobody can give for the spread of the gospel, and for advancing His righteous cause like His children, and now, the time has come for those who are rich in the world, and who use their riches to advance the kingdom and dominion of darkness on the earth to be brought low and on their knees before the Church of Jesus, and this is going to happen as His children begin to seek opportunities to give to advance His kingdom, and continue to give bountifully to promote His righteousness, sponsor projects, activities, and events that bring and reveal His righteousness to the world. As His children give and continue to give, we would be experiencing wealth transfer, the wealth of the Gentiles would continually be transferred to His people.

I want you to know that the time has come for the seed of Christ to possess their possession. The silver and the gold all belong to our Father, and we are the heirs of God, so, the silver and gold are our possessions, they don’t belong to strangers. Strangers are all those who don’t know God and who are not member of God’s family. It is time for total take over, it is time to possess our possessions, it is time for wealth transfer, and it is happening this year for all who believe Him and believe His Prophets.

I am here to see this prophetic revelation come to practical manifestation in the lives of God’s children.

He has sent me to make His people rich and prosperous, and for this reason, I would be bringing us thoughts and revelations of the Spirit in this line also as He teaches and reveals them to me, thoughts and revelations that would make God’s children to explode financially this year so that we all would always have more than enough, and together subdue the nations as we take the gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth, because the time has come for the gospel to be preached in every nation for a witness, and immediately after that, the Church of Jesus would be caught up and taken out of this world, the triumphant Church.

I want you to come on board with me this year because the Lord sent me to you, and I have to fulfill the assignment He has given me to you this year.

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