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The 2022 World Cup Qualifiers is here again and we are here to bring you numerous fixtures of how matches would be played during the weekend.

12th, November 2021 Friday
AFRICA: World Cup – Qualification – Second stage
14:00 Burkina Faso vs Niger
14:00 Djibouti vs Algeria
17:00 Gabon vs Libya
17:00 Guinea vs Guinea Bissau
20:00 Angola vs Egypt
20:00 Sudan vs Morocco

EUROPE: World Cup – Qualification
18:00 Moldova vs Scotland
20:45 Andorra vs Poland
20:45 Austria vs Israel
20:45 Denmark vs Faroe Islands
20:45 England vs Albania
20:45 Hungary vs San Marino
20:45 Italy vs Switzerland
20:45 Northern Ireland vs Lithuania

13th, November 2021. Saturday
AFRICA: World Cup – Qualification – Second stage
14:00 Malawi vs Cameroon
14:00 Zambia vs Mauritania
17:00 Cape Verde vs Central Africa
17:00 Equatorial Guinea vs Tunisia
17:00 Liberia vs Nigeria
20:00 Ivory Coast vs Mozambique

EUROPE: World Cup – Qualification
15:00 Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Finland
18:00 Norway vs Latvia
18:00 Turkey vs Gibraltar
20:45 Belgium vs Estonia
20:45 France – Kazakhstan
20:45 Montenegro vs Netherlands
20:45 Wales vs Belarus

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