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Topic: Focus On The Word Of God

Author: Pastor Abraham David

_He that is of God heareth God’s words… (John 8:47)_

So many times, we focus on things that are not too important ignoring those that are most important, and because of this, many of us have too many questions with no answer. As God’s children, what should we focus on?

The only thing that every child of God should focus on is the word of God: we should focus on listening to God and hearing His words; this is the most important thing for us, and the only thing that we all need for all our questions to be answered, and for our lives and things to turn out the exact way we desire them to turn out.

The Scribes and the Pharisees kept following Jesus everywhere, wherever Jesus went, they went also, but these people were not following Jesus because they wanted to hear the words of God, they were following Him because they were looking for ways to make Him stumble and say things He shouldn’t say; Jesus Himself knew this, but He kept telling them God’s words expecting that some of them would still hear and turn to God.

There are many people today, including Christians who are like the Scribes and Pharisees were, they read the Bible, they go to Church and listen to messages but never hear God’s word; what most of them remember is the stories that were told during the preaching, but they never hear any other thing that’s needful; it is people like this who are always quick to speak evil of others and condemn ministers of God; this ought not to be, you are to focus on God’s word every time.

The attention you give to God’s words as a child of God is more important than your services to God in the Church, in fact, you can never be effective for the Master in the Church if you don’t hear His words; how are you even going to serve Him right when you don’t hear what He is telling you to do?

The Scribes and the Pharisees always sit around Jesus, but it was never to hear God’s words, that was why when they sent some officers to go and get Him stumble in His words and bring Him and the people came to Jesus, heard Him speak and realized His words were not the words of an ordinary man, they went back to those who sent them without arresting Jesus, and when they were asked why they didn’t bring Jesus with them, they answered saying, _

“Never man spake like this man.”_ When the officers said this, the Pharisees told them that they have also been deceived, because to the Scribes and the Pharisees, the words of Jesus were deceptive words, they don’t see the things Jesus say as God’s words because they are not of God.

Jesus said, _“He that is of God hears God’s word…;”_ it doesn’t matter where you are or who is talking, if you are of God, your focus would always be on God’s words, to hear Him talk to you, because you know His word is life to you, this would make you always be willing to hear God speak to you through any available means, and any vessel of His.

Do you want a change or a lift in your life? Give attention to God’s word; don’t focus on the outward appearance of people, what you need is not how the preacher looks in appearance, but the words of God that would be coming to you through that vessel of God.


_Dear Father, your word is life to me, your word is the only thing that gives me joy, hope, strength, and direction in life. I declare that my heart is open to your word, to continuously be changed and transformed by your word, so that I would continue to make progress in every aspect of my life, in Jesus name. Amen._

Further Study
John 6:45-46,65; John 7:45-49; John 8:37,4

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