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Either for the purpose losing weight or as a result of loving fast not necessarily for a religion purpose, you want to resist the urge to eat frequently by suppressing your appetite for food. There are some certain foods that can help you achieve this, though these food or supplement are not so alien to us, but it is that many of us don’t notice them or don’t even know if they are capable of suppressing appetite.

There is this particular hormone called ghrelin that is being released when your body needs food, when there’s secretion of this particular hormone it send a hunger signal to the brain , which result to elevation of the level of your appetite, and this you can reduce by eating some particular foods which we will be listing soon in this article.

We will be looking at some foods and supplements via which you can suppress your hunger and appetite for foods, trust me if these foods are add to what you consume you will be surprise at how the hunger will be curb.

  1. An Apple. Trust me, the magic is performed by just one piece of apple fruit, and there’s this saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, this is not just a statement but a reality. This can also perform the magic of appetite suppression, it is reported that the pectin a just a piece of apple can keep you full and void of hunger for about 1-3 hours. So taking a piece of an apple shouldn’t be a problem it really taste great and also add to whiten of teeth among other benefits.
  2. High Water and High Fiber Food. These are type of foods that are having a very high content of water and fiber; the examples of such food are of the vegetables family. They are food that helps digestion, they also gives you a feeling of being full and prevent you from eating too much. They are foods that are very low in caloric density; they still help you shed weight without any feeling of restrictive diet.  Examples of these vegetables are lentils, lima beans, spinach etc… These will ultimately help you through your diet plan and make you not give up when it matter most. They also the types of food that prevent constipation and relieve. Also report came from series research that when you allow people to eat as much as they want of foods that are high in volume yet low in density (calories), they eat less at the meal or during the day.
  3. Lean Protein Can Also Help To Reduce Hunger. If you are wondering what lean protein means or what are the set of food that produce lean proteins, here is a quick description about what it means; many proteins are high in saturated fats that contribute to cardiovascular disease, so it is better to consume lean proteins rather than that are highly saturated in fats. These lean proteins are described as a 1-ounce serving that has 2 to 3 grams of fat. There is evidence of the ability of lean protein from foods such as lean meat, fish, poultry (chicken, turkey, for example), soybeans, and eggs, to help with fullness and weight loss. The white meat from chicken and turkey are especially good sources of lean protein. Fish provides lean protein together with omega-3 fatty acids that lower cholesterol and inhibit inflammation

It may also interest you to know that even though you can add lean protein at any meal you want to take, research has shown that adding it to your breakfast may be better than other meals in the day. A research that was conducted on this theory revealed that when people eat foods like eggs that rich in protein for breakfast, they tend to eat less during the day compared o when they eat foods that are rich in carbohydrate.

With this knowledge in your head, you can actually start your weight loss diet by including these foods in your meal, either for weight losing purpose or for a fasting factors, appropriation of all these listed above will definitely go a very long way to help you achieve whatever you intend to achieve.

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