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-Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia

Bless His name. The Bible says bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His name. Bless the Lord oh my soul, forget not all His benefits. Amen.

You are all welcome for our miracle service in the month of June. The Lord Himself will do us good tonight in the name of Jesus Christ.

I truly honour and appreciate everyone here, everyone created by God is indeed a special person so honour to everyone in Jesus name.

Are you ready for tonight?

Joshua 3:7
God always gives me a Word during my birthday and the Word is not only for me, I believe that the Word is for everyone connected to this grace.

– In the name of Jesus Christ by extension from today may the Lord begin to magnify you in the name of Jesus the Christ.

– I decree and declare by the power of the Holy Spirit in your field of endeavor, in your going out, in your coming in the Lord will magnify You in the name Jesus.
– I pray for you, the result you will begin to command from today by the power of the Holy Ghost I decree and declare in the name of Jesus, may your results make people to fear your God.

– Financial results, spiritual results, intellectual results, may that grace come upon you in the name of Jesus Christ.

– Results in ministry, results in politics, results in families, results in your finances in the name of Jesus Christ.
– The Lord will make you ten times greater in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Lord is going to be bringing a massive deliverance. Let me tell you what deliverance is, deliverance is a spiritual system by which the saints are separated from the obstacles.

It doesn’t always have to be spirits. There can be mountains that stand before you. Whatever it is that sustains the ability to impede your progress in life and in destiny, that art of separation is called deliverance.

Daniel 6:24
He’s not only Savior, He is delieverer, He can bring bring you and pull you out of trouble that people have looked at your life and your family, “Can any good thing come out of this people? And God says “I am a deliverer, I can come and snatch you from the jaws of the lion.

I truly believe in the power of God to deliver. There is a relationship between a separation between you and your obstacles and your prosperity.
Favour desiring to come to you, lifting desiring to come to you, satan can hinder things. Hallelujah.

There are people here under the sound of my voice and following from across the globe, based on the gifting that God has put in your life, the nations should be celebrating you, you should not be at this level but there are powers that sits upon men’s destinies.

Zechariah 1:18
There are horns that fight your praise, there are horns that fight your promise, there are horns that fight your peace but the the God of peace shall give you peace by all means.

It’s never too late for a carpenter, never too late. You can change the wood, you can redesign everything.

These powers sits on peoples’ destinies.

Listen, let me teach you something about Scripture, there is what people like E W Kenyon will call “The legal side of redemption and the vital side of redemption”. The prophetic dimensions of the speakings of God versus their experiencial manifestation.

In God’s mind, everything is finished, including the death of Jesus before it happened. In God’s mind no believer should be poor, are there poor believers? In God’s mind no believers should be sick, are there sick believers? What makes you think there are no opressed believers?

The oppression does not negate the finished work of Christ.

As powerful as Jesus is, he did not cast sin out of man.

To merely sit down and just assume that everything is alright is the same mistake as someone who hears the gospel and just believes that just because Jesus died, he’s automatically saved. He’s not automatically saved.

The substitutionary sacrifice is a reality yet there are people going to hell. What is their offence?

Their offence is that they have not believed and appropriated that truth into their lives.

Can I tell you something?
Listen to me.

For many years in my life even as a man of God, demon spirits were oppressing me, not many people will tell you this truth.

I am not saying it to discourage you, I am not demeaning the power of Jesus, we stand today by that same power and because of my prophetic inclination I would see spirits literally enter my room. I shouted “Jesus”, “In Jesus name”, nothing happened because the name is not a charm, It works by understanding.

Did the sons of Sceva not mention the same name?
Did the demons go?
What did they do to the man?

They even said “Jesus I know, Paul I know”. I see their understanding supporting what they’re doing, where is your own understanding?

There are many believers under all kinds of oppression, stagnated and not manifesting to the fullness of their destinies in Christ, why?

Because they just assume that everything is gone. Why then do you go to the hospital? Why do you visit the pharmacy for drugs even though you believe eternal life is at work in you.

If someone is sick now and you pray in the name of Jesus and nothing seems to happen, you can honourably take the person to a pharmacy while he’s learning the laws of divine health. It does not mean you do not believe in divine health but hospital and drugs are God’s systems of mercy to midwife our longevity and our health while we are learning. God Himself knows that it’s a process.

Let me tell you the day my deliverance came, I found a Scripture and light came like an arrow from Heaven and entered me.

When that light entered me, I ran, stood in front of my room then and I shouted, I pleaded with the spirits that used to oppress me, I begged them to return, till tomorrow they have not returned.

Listen we minister like this
1- We are not being boastful.
2- We are not negating what Christ has done.

The administration of His power is our participatory role in actualizing His finished work in and to our lives. This is what the Bible calls faith. The name is the action you take based on your conviction on who God is and the integrity of His person, it is always by grace but it is through faith.

Grace is the name given to everything that is in God released to man only through the office of the Christ, that’s what we call grace.

Mercy is grace, power is grace, wisdom is grace. Grace is not unmerited favour, that’s just one dimension of it. Grace is a generic name given to the store house that contains everything that makes God God but the system of access and delivery is what we must learn.

Believers we must trust God to mature in doctrine so that we do not become victims. There are many spirits but this one is That Spirit.

The Lord is That Spirit and where the Lord is, You’ll know He signs that signature by giving men liberty so that a door that has been closed for 90 years, your grandfather tried to open till he died there, your father tried to open till he died, we are not going to open it, we will break it into pieces so that your children too can pass.

Do you know why Nathaniel said to Jesus, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth? He was not lying, there was a track record.

There are regions where men only rise by eating from others, they never become established, no matter how educated. There are regions where it’s the women that feed the men, the husband is the wife and the wife is the husband. Hard working, diligent people.

Can I tell you this? This night I want you to be angry and make up your mind. I remember many years ago, this was in Zaria. A precious man of God came to me and as soon as he entered my room I saw a spirit behind him.

I was just watching and he was telling me some of the ordeals around his life and ministry.

Sincere, well meaning, godly person. I kept quiet. I told him, I said “Sir can I pray for you? “I think there is an oppression”. He shut me down immediately. “No no no don’t talk to me about oppression”. I said “Okay I’m sorry”. He said “I just want you to agree with me”, I said “No problem”. When I held his hands he only got up after how many minutes.

The kind of deliverance that happened to him, it did not take one week, it’s like the doors were just opening like this. Do you know that guy returned and said “Apostle what happened?

Upon Mount Zion, when does the deliverance happen? Zion is the appropriate place for deliverance to happen. If it does not happen upon Mount Zion, where else does it happen?

There shall be deliverance and then holiness, then the sons of Jacob shall possess. It will never enter your hand till the resistance has been cleared away.

Hear me, do you know even over this City (Abuja) there are controlling powers?

When God sent me to this City, I took out quality time signing that spiritual register (Speaking in Tongues) I tell you the truth and forgive me if it sounds like I’m just bragging, you can be in a City yet spiritually you’re outside that City because the gates are still closed over you. You do business in that City you will lose because the gates have not been parted.

I once prayed for a woman who had a school and all of a sudden mysteriously people started picking their children away from the school.

What did she do?

I called her, I said “Continue your pathway of principles and excellence but let’s deal with this, there are spiritual things to be dealt with”. I prayed for that woman, I anointed her, the Biblical pathway, not some of these superstitious things that people do.

There is an angle to deliverance that is not consistent with doctrine. It does not mean those who are ministering it are bad, they are just inaccurate as far as ministration of the power of God is concerned.

There is a way we administer the power of God that is consistent in doctrine. She went back and fire, breakthroughs everywhere.

Let me tell you this, if there is anything I know that produces instant results is through deliverance. When the impudence leaves your life you will be surprised. Some of you can be seated here while in Church and a call just comes. This was the call you’ve been waiting for for 5 years.

You don’t know that there are spirits in the airwaves that shut the ears and attention of destiny helpers. Do you believe what I’m sharing with you?

This is the 6th month, there has to be an evidence. Someone promised to help you and lift you and like the wine presser the moment they get out of prison they forget you and their forgetfulness adds 2 years to your pain.

I don’t know about you, if you’re alright, your children are alright, you’re already enjoying everything then pray for us but as for me and my house, make up your mind that Father there must be an evidence of Your favour, Your grace but before then hear me.

One prayer point. You’re going to decree and declare that on account of the finished work of Jesus Christ everything connected to ancestry, connected to bloodlines, foundations, by the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead it must let you go now. Lift your voice and pray.

In the name of Jesus we declare victory. It’s time for everything that is not the planting of God to give way.


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