Forgiveness Prayer Points (How to Pray after Sinning)


As Christians, along the way in our journey, there are tendency of doing what you know God hates, it is easy when you do it out of ignorance but it become a serious issue when you do it deliberately, even after you know it is a sin, it becomes a challenge, as you struggle with your conscience and you find it difficult to even approach God in prayers, the devil also comes with his own condemnative thoughts to make you feel you have failed and you cannot rise again or you cannot be forgiven, this is the devil’s strategy to steal your Joy and Victory, don’t allow him.

Fortunately, we have an advocate who is ever merciful, his name is Jesus Christ, he is at the right hand of the father ( Mark 16:19).

You can come before him and ask for mercies by his blood and he will forgive you and wash away your sins, and give you a new identity.

But you must make up your mind not to sin again, you must decide to live a righteous life, a life that fears God, that run away from sin, because there is a place for decision making, if you must overcome the forces of sin. You will agree with me that before you sin or commit any sin, you first think it in your heart, before it now proceed into manifestation, there is no sin that happens by default, they all pass through the process of your thinking, your thought was involved, that is when to arrest it, rebuke it, plead the blood of Jesus over it, refuse to adhere to it, reject it and resist it, either by praying or getting yourself occupied, most times, sin strive where people are idle, then the devil begins to bring all manner of thoughts into their heart, you have the sole responsibility to resist the urge to sin, that is the way to overcome it.

Prayer for Forgiveness of Sin and Mercy (Bible Verse);

  1. Father, am a sinner, have mercy upon me and forgive me all my sins, cleanse and wash me with your blood. (Psalm 50)
  2. Father, forgive me all my sins and transgression, I repent from my evil ways today.
  3. Jesus, save me, deliver me from the forces of sin and unrighteousness, write my name in the book of Life (Matthew 9:6).
  4. Jesus the son of God, have mercy on me, save my soul from destruction, let your mercy speak for me,
  5. Please Lord, have mercy, friend of Sinner, Jesus Christ, show me your mercy today, deliver me from sin, guilt and shame.
  6. Lord, I have come before you, please show me your mercy, show me your compassion oh savior, you promise to have mercy on whom you will, I cry out for your mercy this day (Romans 9:15).
  7. Lord, deliver me from the forces of sin and unrighteousness; grant me victory over sin in Jesus name.
  8. Oh Lord, establish me in righteousness and in the fear of the Lord in Jesus name (Isaiah 54:14).
  9. Father, every arrow of sin that as ben fired into my life, let it be destroyed today in Jesus name.
  10. Father, I break every fraternity with the devil that is making me to live in unrighteousness and lawlessness in Jesus name (Obadiah 1:17 ).
  11. I plead the blood of Jesus for mercy over every wrong doing, every past mistake that I have made, please have mercy on me Lord (2 Corinthians 5:17).
  12. Let the blood of Jesus vindicate and deliver me from every guilt and shame in Jesus name (Hebrews 12:24).
  13. Lord Jesus, I receive you as my lord and savior, today I declare that you are my lord, you die on the cross and on the third day, you rose again, that I may be justified, write my name in the book of Life, today I decide to follow me, help me lord till the end in Jesus name, Amen (John 3:16).
  14. Lord, remove every negative friends, association and personalities from my life, everyone that is sponsoring the habit of sin and unrighteousness, let them be far away from me in Jesus name.
  15. Lord, give me Godly friends, those who will help me to grow in the lord and in the fear of God in Jesus name (Psalm 133:1-2).
  16. Thank you Lord for forgiving my sins and washing me with your blood, I give you the praise in Jesus precious name, Amen (Psalm 103:3 ).

I pray that God will grant you the Grace to live the overcomer’s life; you shall live victorious over sin in Jesus name.

Ensure you are planted in a bible believing Jesus, so that you can grow in the knowledge of God, this is very important, because in order to be victorious over sin, you must be rooted in the word of God.

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