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(1) Fasting is an exercise to the spirit: Matthew 4:2

Every human body needs exercise. When you don’t exercise you cannot detoxify yourself of fatigue and other things.
Exercise makes your body fit, agile, flexible, portable. Fasting does to your spirit what exercises does to your body.

Exercise is a routine for your body and fasting is a routine for your spirit.
Fasting makes you spiritually alert. Fasting makes you to know that not all good things are God’s things.


Matthew 17:21
Fasting softens 70 per cent of your spiritual problems. You want to be powerful, give yourself to fasting. Fasting solves majority of your spiritual needs.
If you are foodfull you cannot be fruitful.

(3) Fasting is a helper in difficult cases. Esther 4:16
Fasting is consolation and helper.
In Esther 4:16 the Bible said “Esther declared fasting for her and her people”.


Some people declare complain, some declare manipulation, some declare gossip.

Avoid anyone who cannot exist for a cause. Anyone that cannot stand for something will fall for anything. It’s better you die for something than live for nothing. Great men are men of decision.

(4) FASTING IS A DISCIPLINE TO THE FLESH: Galatians 5:22 , Daniel 1:8
The flesh can deceive if you are not careful. The difference between the great and the small is discipline. Two things differentiate the rich and poor; one is access { who you know} and the second is discipline {what you do about yourself}.

The first problem man (Adam and Eve) had was a food problem. What enters your mouth handles your body.

If you are able to control what you eat, you will be able to control the compass of your life. If you like food too much you are still a child. What makes you more childish is not just about the food but the timing.


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