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We live in a world where some people call crazy, some others unfair and a lot more diverse descriptions that they dim fit. I can’t fully agree with everyone but just like everybody else, I have just a word for it myself. However, the bible describes best what exactly this world is-EVIL (Gal1:4) and it further states clearly what our relationship should be like with the world. (…though ye are in the world, ye are not of the world)  And further more­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_ And be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…(Rom12:2).

Having known all these and more from the word of God, our proximity to the world and the affections of this world should be put under check. But the negligence thereof gives room for the lust of this world to take a seat in us thereby becoming ADDICTION(S).

There are several definitions given to that word from different perspective all over the world but the scripture refers to it as SINS THAT EASILY BESETS US. The word of God calls it a sin irrespective of the nice words we tag it with just to make ourselves feel better. Like weakness, imperfection, shortcoming and et cetera.

Before an addiction could be formed in a man, there must have been little foxes eating up his vine which he had cared less about. Addictions take time and repetition before they finally stick and become too hard to take off like a skin. At this point, most addicts give up and become a slave to their master, SIN.

Addiction or Besetting Sin as I would like to refer to it is the strongest intoxicant available as a weapon to the devil. And as every intoxicating substance, it drives. Even though, it gives the anticipated pleasure and satisfaction, it is a thief of a man’s goodwill and sound mind-a rough rider into destruction here on earth and eternal damnation afterwards.

 It is the ultimate goal of the enemy to make every man especially a child of the God, a slave to sin. That way, he gets to create a clone of that man to do his bidding and also steal from God, His beloved child. He achieves that when he leads a man into the pit of addiction. And that is why Jesus warns us to beware of little foxes that eat up our vines because He knows satan’s mission.  He also said we should give no room for the devil, not even in our thoughts, further stating that we guard our hearts with all diligence. He’s aware that the devil will come troubling we and that is why he gave us power over him, so much that we can resist him and he will flee.

Nevertheless, the pit of addiction(s) is not beyond the reach of the Father to pull a man out of. Jesus has bought us with a price already. We are His, though we wander away, get lost in the wilderness, trapped in the valley or way down in the pit of sin. Our brokenness and contriteness of heart can still lead Him right to us for our deliverance. He is The Good Shepherd that gives His life for the sheep and loves all His sheep so much to go looking for any missing one at all cost. His love is undisputable, also vast that we cannot comprehend it. Therefore, all hope is not lost.  

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