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Testimony by Princess J.O Osifo
Shiloh 2021!!!
My name is Princess J.O Osifo,
God has turned my captivity at last, as a daughter of this Commission and of the Prophet I have come to return all Glory to the God who makes all things beautiful in its time.
God has been good and kind to me.

But in 2015 there was a siege precisely on my birthday, June 10 2015, there was a clamp down on me and everything I have ever worked for was taken from me, I was thrown out of my houses, I was mocked behind my back by backbiters, I was stripped off of everything.

But I had my Joy intact and my trust in God backed up with strong Faith, same 2015 June – July the wonder double began and my Pastor then, Pastor Isacc Folaji, encouraged us to key into it, brethren I dived into it with everything in me.

I set up a team, we stormed the street harvesting souls for God, it became my business as God employed me, I became a cell minister and we grew our cell, in fact our cell became one of the best cells in Effurun Church at the time.

May be an image of 2 people and people standing

I became a zonal minister, God inspired us to set up Outreaches, paying people school fees, scholarship, building for God, doing all sort of things for God.

I saw idol worshippers give their life to Christ, I carried Satanic powers and Satanic pot and instrument to my pastor for destruction and now three idol shrines became home cell in Ekpan Community in Delta State.

Also, 70% of our convert were established in the Church, some became home cell leaders on the completion of their WOFBI.

November 2015 while returning from my morning raid I had an encounter when the Holy Spirit, he woke me up and told me to write the idea I have in the Gas sector, I was already big in the AGO and PMS Sector but that was blocked.

One of the things he told me was for me to do a mail to the Qatar Government, I was amazed Qatar Government.
Fast forward to last year 2020, I got a massive turn around and God and Lifted me high in my Business and I own a private Jet today.

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