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You remember the story of a Watch Night Service of a particular year. God said there was someone in the crowd who was having problems paying his house rent, that in the new year He will become a landlord. Only one fellow who was a messenger in an office, had enough faith to believe. The others were trying to imagine how can that be in Lagos.

The New Year came, he went to the office, saw His boss and prostrated in our usual custom to greet Him and that one looked at him and said “Ah Messenger, have I given you any Christmas present?”. He said ” No Sir”. He said “Lagos State Government was selling some houses, I bid for one and I won. I don’t need it, come and collect the keys”.

You know the story, you know how he got to the house and found it to be a mansion. You know how he returned the following day and went to thank the chairman, and the chairman said “is there any furniture in the house?

The messenger said “No Sir”. The chairman said “I change my furniture every Christmas. I don’t know where to put the one from last year yet” he called a driver and said “Load the furniture and take it to this boy’s house”. Faith like that of a baby. You know that story.

I am trying to tell you that another of my children had that testimony.

He came to the Holy Ghost service With all his goods thrown out of the house to the streets because he couldn’t pay his house rent and he said “the God who did that of that young man can do my own”.

By the following week he sent me a picture of the load in the street and another picture of a house someone gave him.
– I decree to someone that before the new year, the siege over your resources are gone.


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