Funny Story between a Client and his Website Developer

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Comrade said I should help him code site. That he will pay after work. I said ok but it would be ok if we use koji Aguda as escrow but comrade responded that koji escrow will delay him. I said ok that he should forward small money so that I can begin work which he did. Guess what!

After I finished with his site , I told him to balance me that am done working on his project. Comrade said no, that he must test his site first before balancing me. I then agreed with him and gave him access to his site.

Comrade blocked me after I gave him access to his site without knowing that as a developer wey I be, I always have away to navigate to the backend.

So If I call him with my number, it won’t go so I decided to use another number, on hearing my voice he hang out. So I immediately navigate to the backend of his site and scatter some CSS code. Guess what! Comrade have to unblock me.

He called me after 1 day of scattering the CSS code and started telling not to vex with him that something came up that make him do what he did. I said ok hope all is well now? Comrade said yes but he doesn’t understand his site again that a lot of things is looking strange. I said ok what do you want me to do?

Comrade said I should help him check what is wrong with his site. I told comrade that before I can check what is wrong with your site, that he would have to balance me and pay extra money to check his site. Guess what! Comrade wire me additional 10k together with the remaining balance😸.

I come still tell am make he send me 2k airtime make I start work😀😀. Comrade still wire me the 2k and I finally fixed the code back and his site went back to normal. Comrade come begin they call me bad guy. 😄Today comrade and I are best friends. Congratulations to us💃💃💃


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