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GATEWAYS TO EXCELLENCE – Bishop Oyedepo at Youthalive Convention 2021

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Bishop David Oyedepo on “In Pursuit of Excellence” at International Youth Alive Convention 2021
Day One

  • This shall be a mountain of transformation for every participant. You are returning from here a changed person.
  • You are returning from this Convention transfigured.
  • It shall be an experience you will never forget in a hurry.
  • You will be glad that the Holy Ghost directed you to be here.
  • All over the world at this time, watch out for a life transforming, life upgrading, life enlarging, life expanding experience with God in the name of Jesus.

You have a root of excellence in God, the excellency of His creation is all around us.

No review, no adjustment, it’s still there.
The excellent man He created is still here. He has not required a review; whatever He does is excellent because He is an excellent God and because like begets like, the excellency of your Heavenly Father will begin to find raw expression in your life.

  • The excellency of your Heavenly Father shall start to find raw expression in your life from now!
    Oh Lord our God, how excellent is Your name. Excellency without comparison, how excellent is Your name.
  • You came here as a question mark, you are returning as an exclamation mark.
  • It shall be said of you after this Convention what manner of man is this, what manner of woman is this?
  • Your God-kind new status in redemption will begin to manifest in a new way.
    …He sent a word into Jacob, it transformed into a nation.
  • Your word of transformation, your word of restoration is coming your way on this mountain.
  • Every session shall be glorious.
  • Every session shall be impactful and you will be glad you came.
    Heavenly Father, thank You again for bringing all participants safely from their respective locations, receive our thanks in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father, in Jesus precious name.
    Give the Lord a big hand of praise and please you may be comfortably seated.
    You want to encounter God, then get set. Stand upon your watch; set yourself upon the tower and watch to see what He will say to you. So there is a way to tune in, my advice is; tune in all through this event. Get on the right frequency “…I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day and I heard…” Tune in to the spiritual realm of your life.

Tune in, it may not come again what is coming this time. So tune in. You miss it now, you may never get it forever again, so tune in.

God’s word is so simple that children can understand it (2 Timothy 3:15). No matter who tunes in to a radio station, he gets it. No matter how experienced you are if you don’t tune in, you won’t get there.

You just have to tune in to access what Heaven is saying. Don’t look around.
Your life transforming light may strike at the time you are checking your dress, so look away from distractions.
“…as for these four children, God gave them understanding”. So Heaven’s pack is available to all who will be set for it.

Tune in, it is your turn for a dramatic turnaround, it’s your turn for translation from mediocrity to excellence, so tune in.

God has been teaching me since I was a child, I was in a conference like you in 1970. I was 16 years old and God was blowing out with a trumpet, God is not slow as others count slowness.

He was injecting the needed patience to run the race of life into my life. I was 16 years old when I found out that I’ve been redeemed as a priest and a king and ordained to reign on the earth. A child can understand this. I began to operate with royal mentality, I was 16 when I caught it. So wake up and turn in. God is out here to change your level forever, He is out to move you out of the valley to the mountaintop.

  • He’s out to change your story from pity to envy.
  • So tune in, great news are coming your way, great light is shinning on all your paths. It’s your turn for a turnaround.
  • Your next four days will be life-changing, life boosting, destiny actualising days in your life in the name of Jesus Christ.
    I was reading a book at the age of 22 titled the Purpose of Pentecost and God opened my spiritual ears for the first time in a very dramatic encounter. I read that book in one sitting.
    Don’t let social media truncate your destiny, settle down with God if you want a settled destiny.

Don’t load your system with junks. You load your system with junks today, you become a trash tomorrow. Don’t! Wake up, settle down! You have a great future, don’t it sell off.

You have a great future, treasure it. The future you don’t treasure, you trash. Your time is precious, treasure your time. You will never be 20 years twice, treasure your moment. Before you wake up to know it, you are 40, then you are 50, 60, 80, life is gone. So wake up!
There is no blood line in the things of the Kingdom, each one locates himself in it otherwise Samuel was a man in right standing with God and his sons were not walking in His ways.

There is natural blood line but no spiritual blood line, you find your place there by yourself.
Things of the Spirit have no blood line.

  • Lord help me to find my place.
    There is no church blood line. You can be in a very prosperous church and be a pauper. You can be in a church where someone is swimming in the ocean of holiness, others are wallowing in the mire of sin. There are no blood lines in the Church. “I’m a Winner”. The question is; are you winning?
    If I had the kind of privilege that you have today; you didn’t have to struggle to find Christ, you find Christ easy, everything around you was Christ – father burning for Jesus, mother burning for Jesus. You don’t know what you have.

You are in a Church where you run a syllabus that is pac
kaging your destiny for a beautiful future and then you go wayward, what a terrible choice. There are no blood lines in the things of the Kingdom.

Samuel now you are old and you know that your children are not walking in the ways of the Lord.
There was nothing he could do.
He could only tell you, “hey, walk in here”. Old man stop!

They answered him and they finished their own generation by their own hands and misbehaviour. Hophni and Phinehas died one day, they carried their father along.
I’m glad you came, now turn in. There is a trumpet from Heaven, tune in.

45 years ago, two days back; 12th of September 1976, I signed up to make Matthew 6:33 my lifestyle. 45 years after, life more abundantly, life without regrets, life with a living hope, life with a tomorrow.

I’m going to Heaven, I know. Trials dark on ever side, we cannot understand other ways that God will lead us to our blessed promised land but we follow Him till we die and we’ll understand it by and by.

31 years ago in Toronto Canada, I caught the light in Deuteronomy 5:32-33. What a treasure; no turning, no adjustment. “Don’t re-edit my Word, I know what I am saying”.

  • You are picking something from here tonight. Some of you have picked something already, you will still pick more tonight.

Our teaching series is captioned:


Isaiah 55:8-9
Discovering my ways and my thoughts will lead to you having abundant life, for I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).

We are here tonight to identify a very principal way to living a meaningful life. We know there is no life in the grave (Ecclesiastes 9:10). So life from the dead begins at being born again.

The dead has no life so we don’t talk about excellence, it does not even exist. It is in total blackout.

But life begins at birth naturally. Natural life begins at natural birth and so abundant life life begins at new birth where old things are passed away and all things are become new.
There is nothing you say to the dead that he hears you. He can’t hear direction, he can’t understand correction, he does not know instruction, he is just dead. There are young people you speak to, they don’t know what you are saying, they don’t know why you are saying it because they are not alive yet. They have not at anytime taken the step that leads to life. They are in the crowd, they are not in touch with the Saviour.
There are elderly people in Church that don’t know the meaning of salvation but they just like their church and so they are there; “our church”. There is nothing the Word says that holds water with them because there is no wisdom nor knowledge, understanding or counsel in the grave.

That’s why Jesus said to Nicodemus, except a man be born again, he cannot see… No dead man sees. Before one is born again, he is spiritually dead; he can’t see, he can’t hear, he can’t walk, he is deadly dead (Mark 4:11).

The grace that brings salvation has appeared to all men.

  • May you who are yet to see, see today.

My appeal tonight is for everyone that is here that has not experienced salvation as an individual, will step into light tonight. You are stepping out of darkness into the Kingdom of light and then you will understand how meaningful life can be.

  • Tonight is your night.

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