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While love will produce the best in some people, in a Gehazi, it produced rebellion.

Elijah was an harsh man, a disciplinarian and a no nonsense fellow, Elisha prospered under him but Gehazi in the midst of love became rebellious.

Like Gehazi, like Judas.

When Elijah was to depart, he wasted Elisha’s time, strength and patience.

They trek and trekked until the man was almost frustrated but he was a spiritual man, his eyes was on God.

The eyes of Gehazi was on GOLD.

Watch that son, who is after fame, money and position, he is under the spirit of Gehazi.

He misinterpreted the love he had, he took his father for granted.

Can I tell you something, a son like Gehazi doesn’t appreciate the labour of his father.

He thinks his father is not smart.
He thinks he knows better.
His eyes are on his father’s weakness.

I mentioned 3 levels of rebellion a father should watch out for.


1. Whenever a son acts against biblical principles, correct him but if he continued in the act, pray for him and call his attention to it but if he continues, know this, he has the Gehazi spirit, leprosy is the end.

A life of rejection, depression, destruction and isolation.

For every young minister reading this, watch your life, deal with the devil before he destroys you.

2. When a son quotes the scripture to justify his stupidity, disobeying you and putting it on the person of the Holy spirit as the one leading him, his spirit have been captured.

This is the next dimension of Gehazilization, he is almost dead.

My father called me one day, he pointed my attention to something, that night I cried all night to God for help.

Baba Olowere once told me, any of your followers who justifies his or her wrong doing with the scriptures or holy spirit, mark him, don’t ever believe anything he says until God speaks.

Our fathers know this trend too.

I am writing this episode based on so much pain I have seen people expressed to me inbox and my experience among young people.

3. When a son begins to create alliance with fellow rebellious folks, he is buried.

Gehazi spirit is at peak at this level, he maybe irredeemable.

A son should take correction and discipline in good fate not quoting authors and school of thoughts to amuse his digital stupidity.

When you should repent is not a time you show your leader his errors.

This digital age has even make things worst,
Canan got a curse by exposing his father nakedness.

I am sad when sons begin to look for a way to justified such madness.

Look at Elisha, hardness produce great result in him, does that mean Elijah was a perfect man, CAPITAL NO but he returned with DOUBLE PORTION of POWER.

Fast ward it to smart and digital Gehazi, who got love and saying, he got leprosy.

Gehazi was free with Elisha but Elisha was with Elijah.

I am not supporting wickedness towards any of our proteges neither am I suggesting it as the key to produce results, it is just an analogy.

People who trained where I trained can attest to the fact that it is pretty difficult there but glory to God we were not consume.

I may have to write on producing Elisha soon but for now let us deal with spirit of Gehazi.

This is a post to young fathers and sons who are ready to be delivered.

Batton should be passed not curses.

May the Lord show you mercy.

A.T Joel

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