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So, you now have your list and subscription system set up. You have configured your free magnet.

Now what next? How do you get people to subscribe to the email and get the book so you can start following em up and then selling your books?

Option 1: Publish a book on Amazon (and the other stores) and make it permanently free. Barrister Pius can show you how to make a book Perma free. On the beginning page of the Perma free book, immediately after the copyright page, advertise your free books. That is, tell them to go and download more free books on your email link. You’ll get more downloads compared than you think.

Option 2: Edit all your published books and after the copyright page, advertise these other free books on your website and directly link to it. Then use Amazon’s free book promo offer and offer your book free every five days. If you have plenty books, then put a book for free every week for the next 2 months.

I know what you are thinking. Your books will still sell.

When I started newly, I offered my books for free to the extent I was wondering if anyone will eventually buy the books. But relax. They will. What you need is a lot of exposure.

Without exposure, even if you have the best books, no one will know.


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