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1. Put a very practical spiritual preparation in place. What are your targets this season? Issues you need to push on the prayer altar. _2Chr.27:6_

2. Ensure to make priority of your spiritual concerns this period. Like prayerlesness, lack of engagement with the word of God.
Because if it is well with your spiritual life, it will be well with other aspects of your life. _1Tim.4:8_

3. Let every of your prayer session has one kingdom advancement prayer point.

4. None of your prayer session must be void of thanksgiving to secure heaven’s attention. _Phil.4:6_

5. Carry someone’s needs in prayer dusting your prayer sessions. _Jam.5:16_

6. Be very specific on what you want in prayers. No empty cries.Name and define what you want and expect.

Bishop David Oyedepo

Sunday 09/01/2022.

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