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I see a lot of people who don’t understand what freelance writing entails and they need some kind of help…so I decided to make this thread for that purpose.

Who is a freelance writer?

A freelance writer is one that makes money off their writing skill (while working remotely).
It’s probably the most common skill in freelancing and still very lucrative.

This is because you don’t need any former experience or degree to become a freelance writer.

How do you get started?

1. Take courses, read books to brush up on your writing skills (I can help you with this).

2. Choose a niche (specialization)

As a freelance writer, you need to know what exactly you will be writing on.
It’s important as clients tend to prefer specialized freelancers rather than generalized ones.

When it comes to niching down, you need to know what industry you want to write on, and the accompanying writing mediums.


Common Industries include:

Lifestyle, Insurance, Technology, Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Fashion, Travel, Pets, Health, Financial services, Sports, Gaming, Real estate, Education.

Writing Mediums include:

Blog posts, Web contents (e.g landing page), White papers, Ebooks, Product descriptions and reviews, Sales emails, Reports and more.

When niching down, ask yourself these questions
– What am I interested in?
– How much do I know about it?
– Is it in high demand/ profitable?

3. Create a portfolio

A portfolio is simply a collection of your works. Every freelance writer should have a portfolio as it helps clients to assess your previous writings and judge your expertise.

Sites you can use to create a good portfolio:
– Clippings
– Contently
– Journoportfolio
– Medium
– WordPress
– LinkedIn (profile)
– Pinterest


Also, you may need to establish your presence online by creating a blog or writing for free.

The latter also known sometimes as Guest posting involves writing for a blog so that you can build your name recognition and presence on the web.

A good way of getting blogs to guest post is by searching ( write for us + “niche”) on Google.

4. Apply for Writing Jobs

Now that you have a good portfolio, you are ready to apply for jobs. You can either do that on popular freelance platforms, on social media or job boards.

Freelance Platforms: , Fiverr, Freelancer

Job boards:
Problogger, Indeed, Writers weekly, Freelance writings den

You can look for and apply on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an amazing place to get high paying gigs once you understand how the platform works. You can get gigs by pitching directly to clients and agencies. It’s a very effective strategy.

You can do some search on Google by using the ( “niche” + freelance writer needed). I landed my first writing gig this way.

5. Make money off your writing

You can do this by creating a blog or by writing ebooks you can sell to an audience.

A blog is more of a personal diary. It’s a webpage to record entries of experiences, thoughts and to share knowledge and advice.

You can earn through blogging by having advertisement or affiliate ads on your blog. Google AdSense, Google Affiliate, Amazon associates or ClickBank are great examples.

You can also decide to write an ebook and publish them online.
Popular ebook publishing platforms include:
Amazon KDP (kindle direct publishing)

Common terms to know in freelance writing:

Ghostwriting – You get paid to write for someone but your name won’t be on it.

Copywriting – Art of writing contents that prompts customers to take action (sales).

Some healthy tips to keep in mind:

– Start small. Discover what you like to write and then get better by practising. To be a good writer, you need to write, learn and repeat.

– Normalize rejections. Rejections are part of being a writer. Don’t allow it to get you bogged down, instead take the feedbacks and get better.

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