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-Bishop David Oyedepo at Encounter Night, Faith Tabernacle
Day Four, Evening Session Shiloh 2021: More Than A Conqueror
Now, a lineage will now carry a new identity, a good old age Family.

  • Any agent of the devil that works against this Prophetic verdict will go down for you.
  • Any agent of the Devil that tries to work against this verdict, will go in your place.
    Luke 22:31-32, that thy Faith should fail is the number one target of the Devil in every battle, because when your Faith fails, you have become a victim in battle, you can never overcome without Faith, no one ever overcome an obstacles of Life with fear, fear is a destroyer, therefore again be free tonight – 1st Peter 5:8, you don’t have many adversary only one adversary, whatever you see around they are the agents of that one, your adversary not adversaries the Devil, also in Matthew 13:28 it says there: enemy not the enemies, all you who go about saying all my enemies, just give the Devil a knockdown and all the agents will scatter.

When Goliath was brought down all the Soldiers took to their heels nobody waited to carry him, they all fled- 1st Samuel 17:52, so don’t run after the footmen, go after the main man.
Fear is a molester, fear defiles man’s dignity, whatever fear has stolen from your life, you’re getting it back.

A Specialist told a lady here this is not Pregnancy, this is fibroid, and she said what I have is Pregnancy thank you and she started anointing the tummy and the fibroid delivered into a fine Boy.

We saw a mystery there, there was oil on the forehead of the Child, God is saying I brought this by myself, fear is of the Devil.
Somebody met me in Kaduna she said she had miscarriage, I asked what happened, she said she saw blood, I said when you have Nose bleeding is that miscarriage, if I cut my body for instance won’t I see blood is that miscarriage, you are not pregnant with blood, you are pregnant with baby. Sir, heaven came when her fear was destroyed her victory was restored,
what is Blood?
What is Baby?
They are not the same, they don’t even spell the same. Baby and Blood do they have the same spelling?

Your case is different, again the Spirit of fear is cast out of your life.
Jesus was casting out evil Spirit with his Word – Matthew 8:16, nothing despair darkness like light.

We were going to a Village for a crusade and then they tied some charm on the foot part and I saw the brethren that went ahead of me waiting there, I asked what happened and they said to me, see, I said what is it, so I used my leg to scatter it and I told them to pass, there was nothing in it, it was just to instill fear in them, I didn’t pray before neither did I pray after, how will I pray after scattering a charm, Imagine me praying and God says what are you praying about and I am saying I am praying against Charm.

Some of you will see just Lizard and you will start screaming the Blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus claiming they have sent the Lizard to you from your Village, don’t you don’t see lizard here, why not announce that the Government should work against Lizard in your area.
Somebody came to me early in the days, he said to me that he was hearing noises in his house, just hearing noise, this happened in 1983, I told him you’re too silent, go there and begin to say
Jesus is Lord!!!!
Glory to God!!!
He didn’t hear the noise again. Satan wants audience he wants attention. Your story has changed. You know, he that sitteth in Heaven shall Laugh – Psalm 2:4, because there is nothing in the threat of the Devil, because the Lord shall hold them in derision. The people are greater than us, the land was eating people, so how did you arrive, how did you escape until you were able to collect fruit – Numbers 13-28, all this exaggeration of your situation is what is destroying your Faith, infact in my entire area, there is Nobody there that is not affected by Corona Virus not one person, because I know my Neighbourhood, everybody was affected, did they announce to you, they are making more investment, you’re saying they are affected. You never know a setback anymore. Thank you Father.
Nevertheless, the people be strong that dwell in the land – Numbers 13,26-30, it is what you want to see that you see, the enemies were too many, that description is too much for a land that eat up people, how did you sit down to get all these adjectives, and Caleb stilled the people before Moses – Numbers 13:30. Now in the name of Jesus your fear is destroyed tonight.
Shall I find Faith on the earth, what kind of Faith the never give up. Now, the Just shall live by Faith – Hebrews 10:38
-The Faith that waxes valiant in battle – Hebrews 11: 34.
-The Abrahamic kind of faith that never staggered at the Word.
-The Daniel order of Faith.

  • The Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Order of faith.

Shall I find this Faith, not religious faith where you sit down in Church, whatever will happen will happen, signing: unto the hand of Lord I commend myself, saying nobody can do anything, whatever will happen will happen.

Not that kind of faith, evil will keep on happening to you while you stand there, you stand on that platform evil will start happening one after the other. But the last evil you saw in your Life and in your family is the last you will know. Thank you Jesus.

I can do all things kind of Faith – Philippians 4:13, did you see how Paul was toiling with death, whether to stay or to go – Philippians 1:23-25, we have entered an era where Death shall continually be openly humiliated in the body of Christ.

If you can put the clip of the young man that was embalmed in the mortuary for 24 hours and Jesus stepped in and he sat up, life, not in a dream.

The senior brother got there and said Jesus Christ that Bishop David Oyedepo serves is here and he came back to Life. Death will suffer the worst humiliation in this generation. All this fear that as afflicted the world today is all against death, I don’t want to die God forbid I don’t want to die, there is nothing in death.

If the Spirit that raised Christ from the death dwells in you – Romans 8:11. Your case is different, what kills other can’t kill you. Somebody’s four major Organs were attacked Liver, Heart, Kidney and Lung, what remains, that is shutdown, Satan came to say I shut you down and he stood here last Sunday life.

  • Whatever the Devil took from your life, I command them to come back to life.
  • I decree release of new kidneys.
  • Release of new wombs.
  • Release of new Fallopian Tubes.
  • Release of new livers.
  • Release of new hearts, In the name of Jesus.
    Give the Lord a big hand of praise, we had a prophetic instruction last night for us to come with our point of contact with our businesses and careers and vocations, it will be blessed and will carry the mark of demarcation.
    Let runs through demarcation Testimonies of Scripture. There are five distinctive demarcation testimonies of God’s people in Egypt

1) THE PLAGUE OF SWARM OF FLIES WHICH CONNOTE STENCH, DECADENCE – Exodus 8:22 -24, from tonight God shall put a division between you and the rest of the world, it may not look so now but that is it.

The flies were in the house of Pharaoh, in the house of his Princes, everybody but the least Jews didn’t smell any swarm of flies in their homes.

  • In the same way nothing decays in your hand.
  • Your health shall not rot,
  • Nothing will rot around your life
  • Your children will not rot.
  • No seed of yours shall be mistaken for a vagabond.
  • Your children will be more on fire than you.
  • You will be grateful to God forever that he sent those children through you, they will do you honour, in the name of Jesus.


  • Exodus 9:3-6, a plague will descend on them, the Lord will demarcate on the two of them. Now, hear the goodnews that career may seem to have lost a place on the economy but because of you a new place shall be created for it, from this Mountain of Shiloh you are leaving here as more than Conquerors in you endeavors.

A number of Business have died since this 2019 drama begin, many Businesses have collapsed, many lives have given up, many harvest has gone out of the world. But a thousand shall fall at thy side – Psalm 91:7, your businesses your vocation shall not just survive but triumph. You see that my very tall Daughter who gave a testimony, she gives her tithe in 7 digits, this thing is not grammar it is repositioning, to fulfill your exemption rights in Christ, some people here don’t know about the COVID impact we are just moving forward.

You can’t stop the sun, you can’t stop the moon, you can’t stop me.

  • From today the fear of nothing is working I cast it out of your life.
  • God will make a difference with your business.
  • You will never cry behind closed doors again.
  • You shall no need to beg any Devil to triumph at this time.
  • No matter what the Devil does Nigeria will not go down.

Why? Too many Children of God, light all over the places how can darkness prevail, if you know the army of the children of the Lord In this Country today, even the Devil is afraid, ask him in case You meet anywhere, even the Devil is afraid, nothing threaten the Devil like numbers, when it is real, when it is multiplied and multiplied, he gets angry- Exodus 1:7, but he collapsed again
Satan shall not prevail in Nigeria, in any Nation where they are going through a particular kind of stress or strain, the force behind it is Satan, it is not anything else and no people have authority over the devil but the Church. Therefore, in the name of Jesus, I cast out the Spirit of that tormentor from every Nation.

3) THE PLAGUE OF TRIBULATION, DEVASTATION, DISTRESS – Exodus 9:22-26, the earth may be burning like an oven, all the proud who are busy mocking the move of the Spirit in the Church shall be Stumbled. Nonsense don’t mind those guys, don’t mind them, be doing what you’re doing, nothing can stop us.

What will stop you is very close, the day of the Lord is very near he said neither be ye mocker lest your barns be made strong don’t mock God, my friend he will reduce you to mockery don’t mock God.

There are things you don’t think about talk less of saying, know what you are talking about God, you come against the Holy Ghost he comes against you and when he does nothing remains, that means heavy devastation the kind that no one has ever known before.

The church will be gloriously exempted, they’ll be selling you’ll be buying that’s good news, when men shall say there is a casting down, you’ll be saying what? That’s your side of the coin and without belaboring ourselves.
4.) Last plague was the plague of death that visited Egypt every male first born of every family beginning from the family of Pharaoh who was then the principal agent of the devil to the least person in the land of Egypt, everyone buried his first born and then first born of captives they went to look for them wherever they were and killed them that night but the dog did not lift his tongue against any child of God.

  • Not one you shall bury no one.
  • The fear of death over your children is gone, over your spouse is gone, over your grandchildren is gone in the name of Jesus.
    Give the Lord a big Hand of praise, now we conclude what guarantees this exemption, how do you experience this exemption right in Christ just one point Exodus 4:22-23 because I must free my son that is out to serve me Malachi 3:17-18 it is our right as members of the household of God but it is the exclusively preserved for those who are committed to serving this God and the interest of his kingdom you will not smell those devastation, Malachi 4:1 that I shall make a clearer difference between those who are serving me and those who are not serving me, that is where the key is you want marriage? go and serve me first.

Serve me first, your demarcation your rescue is in serving me, serve me first go and serve me first God is deadly committed to those who are out for the advancement of his kingdom God is ever deadly committed don’t touch them.

The labourers are few you want to touch? How? Would I be sleeping that time? Not I was serving him yesterday, who will serve him?

Who are on, they are not on and off, they are on, they are stable they are consistent they are steadfast, no Devil can dare them I see your exemption established that’s the key to it when your exception mentality is fear-free when is it fear-free if it’s fearful you will sink in the water, if it’s please you let me come then he saw the storm – Matthew 14:31, Lord help me, you have not travelled since all these years his faith has not been fired but when that faith got fired and he stood on the mount at Pentecost he became Peter the rock. The Highest rock in Peter came alive, the ruggedness in him came alive. I therefore declare that by the encounter with the Spirit of Faith on this ground and taking responsibility on how to keep feeding that Spirit to keep it alive and strong against the day of battle receive it right now so it’s not a right without responsibility, it takes your commitment your dedication to keep serving God to remain exempted now let me say this: There is no one in our church system that can say forever since exemption if I were not there, no government in this Country local or not local can say if he has not risen up the Ministry would not have flourish.

This God is up to anything he says, he said if God does not help me where will I help you from, you better serve your helper, so he can keep helping you, keep serving him.

Your obedience does not add value to God, it adds value to you. God does not need you and me for anything, we need him for everything – Job 36:11.

The most difficult area to serve God is in the area of finances and that difference comes from the financial Aspect.

This whole nation is cursed because they don’t have God as a factor in their heart, so they lost out in the Favour of God and became victim of misfortune- Malachi 3:17-18, that is the seal of exemption right, you can’t have it without been there. Jesus is Lord

It’s when trouble rise that we see what is inside you, when you see trouble and you don’t tremble then something is inside you. That thing is getting to you know.

Don’t let any Doctor verdict shake you, refuse to shake, and you get to other levels

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