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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Sunday 2nd Service -5 Dec 21-Salvation Ministries Home of Success.

Praise guarantees direction and produces good things.

Psalm 16:11. You know, when Peter met Jesus, he was frustrated. Jesus said, “cast your net on the right side”. Today will mark the end of you being on the wrong side and Peter’s frustration ended by one instruction.

An instruction will come to you that will end your frustration.

John 21:6. Most people are on the wrong side. Just follow instruction. Do you know, when you are praising God … Can I tell you about praising power? You will be shocked. Praise is powerful.

I woke up early hours this morning and began to flow in praise. All the five messages for Glory Reign, He gave me today – all the five messages. Two while I was sitting down here in the service, He will just say, “add this two to it”.

I look at the time, I wrote it. We have never gone that way, He just gave me clear. You don’t know how praise is. Depression is the reason why things are not working. You always see things that are not working. See things that are working now.

You know why situations are making you to be depressed? What oppresses you? Every form of depression leaves you right now. Say, “I never chop, I never chop”. And you have stomach, won’t you thank God? Do you know there are people who don’t have stomach? That they use pipe everywhere to pass the food.


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