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– Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo

Day 4, Empowerment Day of Kingdom Advancement ,7 Days of Glory, COZA

God is about to go beyond your current system. God is going to take you from the place of self-employment, to the place of 30 employees, 60 employees, 100 employees, 1000 employees, 5000 employees, greater number of employees. Your system will increase, in the name of Jesus.

I pray for you, receive exponential success, you break out to the left, you break out to the right, increase in front, increase behind you, awesome increase, awesome testimonies, big fishes, big results, in the name of Jesus.

Luke 5: 1-9


The desire of God is for you to succeed with everything you do.

The success of your life really advances the kingdom of God, you become a testimony, you become a pull, you become a magnet when people see the impact, the work which the word of God does in your life, they are drawn, everyone is drawn to success, I’ve never seen anyone who is drawn to failure and poverty and lack, but when you become the epitome, the evidence, when you become the signature of God, people want you to know what you did, how you did it, what happened?

However, many times, we find ourselves in the middle of challenges and a mess because we are sometimes sitting with the wrong kind of people or we are moving in the wrong circle or caught in the wrong place.

The thing with us as human beings is that when we’ve tried our best, sometimes we just surrender to circumstances and just say ‘Well, just take me to wherever you want to take me’.

Peter in this circumstance was raised in a fishing community and Bible scholars believed that his parents too were into this business and he grew up in it.

Who knows, he probably was the chairman of the Lake Nazareth Fishermen Association. On this day, there was emptiness in his boat and there was nothing.

Peter is like many of us, probably in the country like Nigeria where we’ve done all we know to do but there is no result, no breakthrough, no testimony, many choose to therefore live in average.

If you look at our country Nigeria, it is interesting to know the number of people who are unemployed, who are underemployed because it is possible to be employed but underemployed because you are just earning something to keep you going and to live by, and then some people drift from there into HIV – Having Insufficient Vision.

They drift into the HIV of life because they just feel that well, there is nothing I can do, I’ve done all I know to do, I have not seen any result in my life, but then Jesus shows up, and every time Jesus shows up, there has to be a reaction, something has to happen.

Jesus needed the boat for elevation, so he can minister to the crowd who had come to the lake to hear him and if he had stood at their level, the interesting thing is clothing absorbs sound so Jesus needed elevation so that they can hear him and they can see him, and when they had finished, he now turned to Peter and said, ‘Hey Peter, launch out into the deep’.

I came to COZA this morning to let some of you know, you’ve been staying in shallow waters and you’ve got to get out of shallow waters, some of you have been in shallow relationships, you’ve been in shallow waters, God has some deep waters for you.

The depth you go to determines what you catch, you wanna catch big fish, you go to the deep, you go to the place where the results are.

-I pray for someone today, God is taking you to greater heights, and God is taking you to deeper places, something is about to change in your life, if you believe it, shout I receive it.

Jesus told him, ‘Throw your net into the deep’, he didn’t say the shallow places, because if you stay in shallow places, you will be shallow yourself, if you hang around shallow people, you will be a shallow person, the 5 people you are closes to are a mirror of who you are.

I don’t need to know who you are, what you do, I just need to know your 5 associations, so if you want your life to change, you’ve gotta change your association because your association determines your assimilation, your association determines your consecration, your association determines the things you receive.

He told him, ‘Launch out into the deep’, too many of us hang with people who are going nowhere, we compromise our faith. You’ve got to get to a place in your life where you rub people in the wrong direction, have you ever stroked a cat before?

If you stroke a cat in the wrong direction, the cat reacts, Yes, you need it once in a while. You need to let people know that, ‘I didn’t come to compromise my destiny, my purpose for you, I am going somewhere and I will get to where I’m going, so Jesus tells him, ‘Launch out into the deep’ Why? Because that’s where the miracles are.

-As you come out of this 7 Days of Glory, you are entering greater days of glory, you are launching into greatness, you are launching into testimony, you are going where the miracle is.

– I pray for you, from today, you will not waste your time, you will not waste your life, you will not waste your season, you will not waste your days, the next coming days, you will be throwing your nets where the results are, where spiritual results are, where your favours are.

-Anywhere you will go and is a waste of life and wate of time, God will direct you away from there.

As many as are led by the Holy Spirit, there are the sons of God, in this season of your life, you will hear the voice of Jehovah.

-Jesus spoke specifically to Peter, he said, ‘Launch your net into the deep’. As you connect to the ministry, as you hear the word in this house, may you hear God clearly. I say again, may you hear God clearly.

Many of us think that the deep is when you pack your bag and go overseas, and you can go overseas and live a life that is lesser than what should have been, many of us need to realize, you don’t relocate unless you hear God. You only stay where God wants you to stay. Jesus told him, ‘Throw your net there’.

Take your net away from where it has been because your relocation is necessary to discover your allocation, if do not throw your net in the proper place, you will be catching frogs and some tiny fish. He told them, ‘Throw your nets into the deep’. Glory to God! Why there? Because that is where the word of the Lord is.

Look at it this way, look at me, if you are like Peter, this guy and his friend have toiled up the lake all night. I live by the lagoon in Lagos, you literally walk into the water from my door, in fact I have a portion, so I have planted some trees and plantain in front of the lagoon, you know, so that you could practically walk into the water, that’s exactly how it was. So, Peter and his friend had stayed up the place, any fish around had gone. Now, Jesus said, throw your nets there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve got to understand, there is an instruction from this house for you, and if that instruction is heard with the ear of the Spirit, you get result where people don’t expect a result.

‘Throw your nets there’ – When Jesus said that, he spoke a creative word, and when he said ‘Throw your nets there’, what do you think will happen in the kingdom of fish?

There are seven kingdoms, and one of them is the animal kingdom, all the fishes had to cooperate, they had to say, ‘Oh boy, we need to move’. Tell your neighbour, We Move! 2021, We Move!! Say it one more time, We move!!!

– I see you moving into great destiny, I see you moving into testimony, into favour and breakthrough, into a divine turnaround, in the name of Jesus.

The creative word can make what does not exist to happen, Genesis 1: 1 – In the beginning Elohim created out of nothing. When Je sus said throw your nets there, he spoke a ‘barak’, he created out of nothing.

– They are looking at you and they think there is nothing for you, Nigeria will hear from you, the world will hear from you. Every provision you need for the advancement of the kingdom.

There are some of you here, you will here Pastor say, we are starting a building in so, so and so place, you will say, ‘How much will the building cost? He will say 500 million.

You will reply ‘I could have given all but I want others to enjoy some of the benefits, please send somebody from the office to come and collect a cheque of 400 million. Shout, I receive it.

He spoke the word and immediately fishes rushed to the place, if they didn’t rush to the place, they were in trouble, they moved. Somebody say, We move!

– I declare and decree, Jesus has said concerning you, things are moving to your location, they are moving to your location, favour is moving to your location, glory is moving to your location, joy is moving to your location. If you believe it, say, I receive it.

– This year you are moving, you are moving into greatness, you are moving into testimony, you are moving into favour, you are moving into open doors, you are moving into turnaround, you are moving into joy. Say Yes! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Some of just are just crossing our legs and not moving. Get up from your ‘Blessed Assurance’ and move.

Throw your nets into the deep, why?

Because that’s where the wealth is, there are times you look at the place, you can’t see anything, but the word of the Lord has gone ahead and that word is a creative word, it’s a creative word. Some of you, He said throw your nets into the deep. Why the deep? Because that’s the assigned place for Peter.

– You will not labour in the place you are not assigned to. If you’ve been wasting your days, your life, your time, in the place you are not assigned to, may God open your eyes. Shout Amen like fire.

I went to preach in Ogbomosho and I was about to leave a man of God came with the best gift he had in his life, it was a Dell computer, Dell laptop, it was brand new, it was still in the box.

He felt I needed to give a sacrificial offering to this man of God that had come to town, I entered the university campus because my niece was there, so he knelt by my car to give me the Dell computer, as I held his hand to pray for him, the Holy Spirit just took me out of the place to the place where he should be.

I opened my eyes and said, young man, you are in the wrong town, he had lived there for like 10-15 years, everyone who had gone through LAUTECH knew him, he comes to minister but he was in the wrong city.

He ministered well on campus but his church was not growing and he didn’t know the reason.

So, I told him ‘You were in the wrong town’.

My niece later told me that he did not move after I gave the instruction, then he became paralyze, as soon as he agreed to move, then he became well.

-Today, I pray for you, you will not stay in the wrong location, you are moving into destiny, you are moving into purpose, you are moving into glory. Somebody say, we move.

Your business is moving, your vision is moving, your ministry is moving, your life is moving, to the place you are assigned, into deep waters, into great places, into blessed places, into loving places, into anointed places, doors are opening for you, in the name of Jesus.

Right result is what you get in the right place, you get to know your sphere of influence .

– You have come for 7 Days of Glory, I declare and decree that there will be advancement in your life.

When you obey the Lord, you break the grape of lack, you break the grape of failure, you break the grape of Satan, you break the grape of being in the same situation, the same place.

– Someone from today, you are breaking the grape of failure in the name of Jesus.

There is a toiling spirit, people just toil and toil and toil. I have a whole program I run called ‘The Wealth Masterclass’, wealth is not created by toil.

The hardest workers are the poorest paid. They think victory and blessing comes in the toil; they don’t know it comes in the problems you solve. I’m teaching you what people are paying 200 pounds for, every month free oh.

Stop saying you want to follow your passion, don’t find a passion, find a problem and solve. Aimoye passion.

Many times, I’ve been to California in the Hollywood area, you’ll find 20,000 will-be actors, they are still washing plates and flipping burgers in restaurants waiting for a break, they never get it, they say, ‘My passion is to have…’ Go and look for a problem and solve.

– I rebuke a toiling spirit, I cast it off your life, I break its power over your life, in the name of Jesus.

– Every witchcraft presence that has brought limitations, that have brought strangulations to your destiny and life, we break it, in the name of Jesus.

-Exponential success is coming to your house, so that you can advance the kingdom, it is coming to your house, so that you can make a difference, it is coming to your house, you will make impacts, you will change systems, you will silence the enemy, blessings will rest in your life in the name of Jesus.


1. You’ve got to do what the word of the Lord says. Just do it!

2. Understand the working of the spirit, sometime the Holy Spirit will direct you in a direction you’ve never been.

3. Put your net in there – Positioning.

4. Do not block a lifetime instruction. Jesus said to him, ‘Throw your net there’.

5. Jesus said to Simon, let down your NETS, Simon let down A NET Luke 5: 4-5. Jesus positioned him for exponential success, he positioned himself for incremental success. Create multiple streams.
– The rivers must open for you; shout I receive it.

6. Put the washed nets back.
– You will not wash empty nets; results will follow your life.

7. Change how you think. If I can change the way you think, I can change what comes into your hands.

8. Take action.
– The next coming testimony will be bigger than your current situation, bigger than your current level, bigger than where you are. Your net will be full, your boat will be full.

– God is about to go beyond your current system. God is going to take you from the place of self-employment, to the place of 30 employees, 60 employees, 100 employees, 1000 employees, 5000 employees, greater number of employees. Your system will increase, in the name of Jesus.

– The next major outreach of this house, the building will be smaller than the result.

– For everyone who has your own business, today is the smallest you will ever be, increase will follow you.

9. Every time God brings exponential success, He tells you, borrow vessels.

– This is a word for someone here, you are entering the level of exponential success. You are coming out of shortage; you are coming in to abundance. Your net will break. Get ready for net-breaking testimonies. I declare into your life today, God is breaking your net, He is tearing your limitations.

– I pray for you COZA, exponential success, you break out to the left, you break out to the right, increase in front, increase behind you, awesome increase, awesome testimonies, big fishes, big results, in the name of Jesus.

– From today, you are coming out of limitation, barriers broken, limitations removed.

– I declare on every businessman, businesswoman in this house, exponential success.

– I lay hands on young men, young women who are waiting for creative ideas, who want to have their own start-ups, God will give you exponential success. Testimony will follow you; Glory will follow you.

Constraining: Constraining is the problem of many people. What is constraining people is their mind or the people they see.

– Everything that is holding you and limiting your leap, I break it in the name of Jesus. In this ministry, I break it, anything that will stop COZA to the next leap, the giant lea of taking the nations, I break the constraint.

– Whatever is constraining your business, your, dreams, your vision, today, help will rise for you, Jesus will step into your boat.

Compounding: All that makes money increase is compounding, not saving but compounding. The true secret to wealth is compounding.

– I anoint this hand of yours, receive compounded favour, compounded testimony, compounded breakthrough, compounded glory, compounded favour, increase on very side beyond your imagination.


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