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– Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Sunday.

We honor You, we bless You Lord.
Father, twenty-two years ago when we didn’t fully understand anything about Thanksgiving, You placed it in our hearts that the first Sunday of every month, we should dedicate it honoring You and thanking You. If we have been faithful, we make bold to say that You have been more faithful. We dedicate today to You and we pray that if the first is holy, the rest will be holy.

Father, we pray that the songs You are going to hear will be the ones we will sing. The words You need to hear will be the ones we will speak.
Let the meditation of our hearts and the words of our mouth be acceptable unto You.
Thank You Lord.
Father, we are a people helped by You. We are a grateful people and we honor You. COZA celebrates You.
Psalm 37:7-10,17-19
You know what makes people feel, ‘have I been serving God in vain?
Turn to your neighbor and say, ‘ neighbor, those who wait on the Lord shall inherit the earth’.
As the year is rounding off, there are many many days before the end of the year.

God created the earth we live in within six days, whatever you need God to do, there are more than enough days for God to still do it. If I were you with the experience I have with God, I am not going to throw the towel into my circumstances, I am not going to draw the curtain because God is the God that even in times of famine, in times of turbulence He doesn’t make you ashamed, so rest in the Lord. Whatever and every single thing He is going to do in your life, He is going to do.

The things you have released your faith for, the things you have prayed about and you thought wow, ‘it’s getting to November, this is the first Sunday in November. Pastor Biodun, do you think God will still show up for me?’. That is the reason why I showed up in Guzape Church today that God will do for you more than you can imagine. If you believe it let your Amen roar like thunder.

Deuteronomy 31:6,8
Please allow me to speak pidgin this African Sunday. Turn to your neighbor and say to your neighbor,’ your God no go shame you’.
Joshua 1:5. Joshua 21:45.
It’s not over until you win. What has God said to you this year? Point to your neighbor and say, ‘the God who has spoken over you, everything the Lord promised you, you are in the place of prayer and you have peace about an issue but you have not seen the manifestation, not one single word that the Lord spoke to you or He has spoken to you will be left unfulfilled; Listen, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are the ones that go to listen to adversaries, look at the storm and then we are stuck.

The enemy makes us say negative. We say all the things that somehow handcuff God and then we say God has failed us. No matter how big it is, what is that mountain before Zerubbabel? No matter how gigantic in proportion it is, God will not fail you. Can somebody shout hallelujah?
1 Kings 8:56. He didn’t talk to them, He promised It through their Pastor. It was their Pastor that heard and said it to them and as they believed not one word failed.
I prophesy to you, everything the Lord has promised the house of COZA, everyone connected to us, you can see already from the testimonies, it doesn’t have to be a physical attendance, even e- Church members, I prophesy standing on the integrity of God’s Word, even if you have given up, I carry you on my wings of faith, not one of them will fail.

You are coming back here with testimonies. Let the impossibilities become possible. There is a family in Lagos Church watching me now, it is only the wife that is in Church right now, the husband is so discouraged not even in Church, God said the enemy has failed over you. That marriage will be kept, God will surprise you people this month. God said you should dedicate 30 days of Thanksgiving.

Look away from discouragements. The darkest hour is before it gets dawn. The enemy wants to pull you away just before you have your break. The space you have walked is more than what is left so keep moving. I say to everyone under the sound of my voice, the enemy will not bounce you off in the Name of Jesus.
Zephaniah 3:5.
You are going to raise your voice and say, ‘in the Name of Jesus, I walk in unusual favor, I do well even in dry seasons, at calamity I shall laugh. What makes everybody go down will only lift me up’. Can somebody shout hallelujah?
1 Chronicles 28:20.
So, the instruction of the Lord is, begin to take steps for that thing you are trusting Him for. Do not fear; please do not wash your net, it is not over yet. Please, don’t pack your bags, it is not over yet. God is a “midnight-hour” God. I am convinced that what God will do between now and the 31st of December will be more than what He has done from the beginning. That is my conviction and that is the conviction of the Word of God. The devil’s weapon is to tell you, ‘give up, give up, it Is over already, don’t put yourself in shame’. No. If you thought I will be disgraced,’ since when did you become my custodian, since when did you start liking me?

I prophesy to you, your prayers will be honored. All your secret tears will be wiped. God will use you to advertise His power. If you believe it let me hear a three-fold Amen. Anybody that wants to do anything strange and solid for God, the enemy will not just be looking at you, you need to be strong and do the work. No matter what you don’t have, no matter the policy of the government, no matter what is happening in the world, be strong and do it because I have walked with God enough to know that God doesn’t abandon people.

Look at your neighbor and say, ‘God no go shame you’.
You may think I am just saying what I am saying but I am speaking by the Spirit of the Lord. Some people here have packed their bags and given up already, somebody here, they are even talking about 2023. If I be a man of God, this is the year you will encounter the greatest surprise. If you believe it roar Amen like thunder.

Till tomorrow, how Jesus entered into the womb of Mary we don’t know. When we get to Heaven, I have questions. When Lazarus that was dead for four days; collapsed brain, collapsed nerves and the likes. Four days? After three days, there was corruption. Which means he had decayed. How Lazarus came out of that tomb, till today we don’t know. How that bread fed five thousand men remaining twelve baskets, I don’t know.
If that same God is who you are serving then you need to change your thought a little bit. How this year will round off and how those things will come to pass is not your problem. Do your part, be diligent, be hardworking but leave a space for the wonders of God.

He is a God of wonders without number. Therefore enter into a season of wonders. That Amen is standing on one leg. Enter into a dimension and season of wonders; let them begin to happen in rapid succession, after the other, after the other, after the other in the Name of Jesus.

I was in Gwarimpa Church last Sunday, we were rounding off on the service, It wasn’t at the beginning of the service, I was coughing profusely and I turned to the Choir to sing this song, ‘who can deny you a crown’ and God said, ‘Stop that song now and go and pray for the sick. I want to do wonders now’. Since we are servants, we don’t dictate what happens.

So I spoke as the Oracle of God that God is about to do something here now and prayed five minutes here. At the middle of the prayers, even the person praying was coughing.

One woman said, ‘ when Pastor said we should touch the part, I didn’t even know what part to touch, pains all over my body, the pains were too much but in two minutes. How do you explain that?
If God had done it in the middle of the service, I will explode in that place but it was at the end because I have studied God. God does not start big, He starts well.

If you think God has not done anything from January till now then you don’t know God. The Bible already told you how your life will be. Proverbs 4:18.
Ecclesiastes 7:8, so if January till November; you survived Covid, you survived everything, I am convinced except your faith has been negotiated with the devil, I am convinced that please get ready for what is coming. This is the way I think every day of my life. There is no bulb that shines ever brighter but the path of the just shines brighter. Which means this is the least you will ever be. This means your best days are not behind you, they are ahead of you. If you believe it roar Amen like thunder. That marital problem, that health issue; put your hand on your chest and say, ‘I believe my life will get better. Two days ago I sat on my seat and was meditating; thinking about where all of you will be in the next ten years and I said to myself, Biodun, people should fear you.
Redeemed Church is over 50 years of somebody speaking over them so you can see a lot of top officials. They didn’t join like that. Fasting for 100 days, looked like nothing was happening. That is why if you are part of a Church and abuse what you are part of, you are on your own because whatever we are doing if it is a true Church, God designed it, He knows what you will need in the next ten years. You are the tree of righteousness. Trees don’t plant themselves, they don’t decide the nutrients they draw from the ground, it is what is in the ground where they are planted that they draw from. I sat down and I was imagining what will happen, listen to me I don’t know if I should say this and it came out of my mouth, ‘ who doesn’t fear someone like me is a fool’. Because when you see young people in a Church give it ten years. 10 years is a generational gap.
I prophesy to you, the rest of your life is the best of your life. You are not in Lagos to count bridges, you are not in Port Harcourt counting the number of fish in the sea, you are not in Abuja to be carrying files all around, you are not here to take sides, you are here to take over.
How do I know? Because better is the end of a thing than the beginning.
When you see the unbeliever doing well don’t fret, you will look for them and see them no more. Don’t look at your circumstances and judge them. Judge nothing before it’s time because God knows how to make it look as if you are going nowhere to hide you.
Exodus 14:1-4
Do you know there are some of your family members who think you are wasting your time going to Church?
Some of the things pursuing you, God knows about it. After this, some of your family members will know God is God.
Do you know I was minding my business in 2004, in my little office in Ilorin, a relation of mine came fighting that she wanted to see me, she had lived in our house before, I looked at her and say to her,’ why are you here? I said what happened? She said, Biodun, don’t let us go there. I did you so much harm, I am not married, nothing is working for me. Everywhere I went they said you must pray for me’. I said, Aunty, I didn’t do anything. She said, ‘don’t let us go there’. Till today, I don’t know what she did.
I prophesy, it is this year that people will know that you are serving a Living God. If you believe what I am saying let your Amen roar like thunder.
There are some things after it happened, people will say, ‘ you know what? Avoid that guy’.
Let me pray for you, every unrepentant pursuer of your destiny, this is the year they will be buried. This is the year they will be disgraced. A seven-fold Amen. If I be a man of God and you are genuinely connected, you will look for them and not find them. Some of them that survived this, they will live at your mercy. If you believe it shout hallelujah.
What happened to Pharaoh? He was buried in the Red Sea. Nine months Pharaoh refused to let the Children of Israel go after several warnings from God. God saves the best for the last. So if you are giving up in November, a whole 30 days in November and December remaining, you don’t even know God at all. How did the Holy Ghost come? Suddenly.
Something they have been waiting for, for one thousand years plus, He didn’t even announce He was coming.
I read a cartoon on the internet yesterday. A father was telling his daughter the next time he tells you lets go out at night, tell him your name is Joy. I only come in the morning. I don’t come out at night.
Praise God. Please be seated.
Psalm 65:11-13
I don’t know where you are from but I know that if a king wants to wear his robe, he doesn’t start by wearing the crown. Am I talking? He wears everything even the shoes, the last they place is the crown.
What you saw in January was the robe, what you saw in march was the shoe, the crown is still coming.
Any dryness from January, God is turning it around.
‘Pastor Biodun, what can make this word not to come to pass’. If you don’t believe it. Please don’t believe Mary was the first virgin that Gabriel went to, don’t believe it because I realized when Mary said, ‘let it be according to thy word’. Gabriel said, ‘ wow, blessed is she that believes for they shall be a performance. Once you agree with the Word, a process starts.
So if you are the type that is into analysis unto paralysis things. You said, ‘men, these people are just excited. This Pastor is just talking, is that how it happens? Exactly, that is how it happens.
In case you think I am preaching a general Word, that is how from Ilorin we got here. It is called prophetic push.
Because people will gather this year and rejoice with you. A seven fold Amen.
If you went to Bible school you will hear about the law of first mentioned. The law of the first mentioned is the first time anything is mentioned in the Bible, it becomes a principle.
In the Bible school when they want to find out about something, they go to where it was first mentioned so they called it the law of the principle of first mentioned.
In John 2 they went for a function and wine got finished. Mary told them, ‘whatever He tells you to do, do it.
Right from January, whatever He has asked you to do, don’t ask for new instructions , just go back to the former ones and start from there.
‘Pastor Biodun, my problem is God doesn’t talk to me’. The reason is you didn’t obey the last instruction He gave you. Go back to the last instruction and carry it out, go back to the last class, pass that exam before you advance.
There was a man called Josephus, a Jewish historian who has never been a Christian, he wrote about Joseph the Carpenter.
Now, if a Church gave you a contract, you can misbehave but if it was defense headquarters that gave you the contract, you will want to be careful.
Josephus said Joseph wanted to die, Jesus just went there and fixed the wood and it became the normal size. That was how Mary knew Jesus was not a normal child. To see miracles, whatever He tells you, do it. Even though it wasn’t His time, the moment He told them to fill the water pot with water and they obeyed Him, they saw wonders.
After this Amen, your heart will receive instructions. Receive grace for obedience. You will know what to do in the Name of Jesus. As you do it you will see wonders.
Ten lepers came to Jesus one day and said please have mercy on us. If you were leprous, you were ostracized from your family. Imagine me now having leprosy and now, that is I won’t be able to see my wife anymore, I won’t be able to go to my house anymore. Those guys were miserable. Any stone they sat on was defiled, the water they drank from was defiled. They were even commanded to cover their mouths. They ran after Jesus, they said, ‘please have mercy on us’. And Jesus said to them, ‘go and show yourself to the Priest. That was a suicide mission. If we knock on the door of the Priest, they will have to remove the door, they will kill us, they will stone us. Even we are not even permitted to go to our own house. What will we say we were doing in the house of the Priest? Normally, if you are healed, you can go and show yourself to the Priest. The priest will give you a certificate to go back to your house but we are not healed. The Bible says as they went, as they obeyed the instruction.

As you walk out of this place, and go and do that tiny thing God told you, as you obey that instruction receive wonders. Receive it in the city, receive it in the field, receive it when you come out, receive it when you go in, be surprised, be surprised, be surprised, be surprised, see wonders, see wonders, may the mercy of the Lord perform it, receive it in the Name of Jesus.

John 2:10. When they served this wine, the master of the ceremony said, ‘every man at the beginning sets out the best’. When you are drunk and they bring the bad wine you can’t tell the taste. Be careful of that relationship you just got into.
If you saw God’s goodness in August, I am over convinced that you will yet see God’s goodness.
The month of November is the month that God says “I have kept the best until now”.
Therefore in the Name of Jesus enter into unusual best.
You thought you have seen it? Except you don’t believe what I am sharing with you. I have shown you more than fourteen Scriptures. If you are dealing with a stronghold, it is your business. But if you believe the Word of God in the Name let this same prophetic Word announce the next level in your life. Any force against this prophetic Word I command them to be buried. Anything that wants to fight the integrity of God’s Word in your life, I command them to catch fire.
God didn’t do that to torment you. I am going to preach next Sunday that God can spring surprises. When I want to surprise my kids or surprise my wife, I don’t want somebody to go and present the surprise for me. The thrill I am going to see in their faces is what cushions whatever I am going to spend. Now when you want to spring surprise for someone you love and they betrayed the emotions. Do you feel good?
That surprise is what God loves.
Where you will go that this prophetic Word will be aborted in your life, you will not go there. Who you will meet with that they will abort this pregnancy, you will not meet with them. If you believe it roar Amen like thunder.
I got married to my wife in the year 2000 and we didn’t have any children. We were living in a one-room apartment, we didn’t have anything, nothing. When we moved away from that one-room apartment, we moved into a building during the dry season. We did not know that our house was inside the river. So all the rooms bring out water. So we would put our mattress on the floor in the sitting room to sleep. I can never forget, a man of God had invited a major man of God to preach, so the man of God was disappointed and had to look for an alternative. So, the man of God used torchlight to trace my house and then knocked at my door to invite me to preach. That was the first time I will preach and they will give me money, ten thousand naira. I said how can I spend this kind of money. I gave it as an offering in Church the next day. Because my conscience could not carry it. So just like I told you to write things down, I wrote three things down; Lord I want a house that I will pinch the wall and light will be everywhere. I will squeeze the tap and water will come out.
So, sometime in the middle of the year, 2001 my wife was pregnant, I was happy, I was excited. And every day the devil will tell me, ‘so is this where you will give birth to your child? There was this new house built by someone in Abuja, the guy said the house was seventy-two thousand per year and I was trusting the Lord for thirty-five thousand. And I know my wife will love a new house, the Lord did it.

Satan said why are you rejoicing? This place is out of the road, your wife is pregnant and she will soon give birth and there is no motorcycle here. How will you take her to the hospital?

You will eventually lose that baby. 26th of December that year, my friend wanted to sell it and he said it is you I want to sell it to. I said, me? I don’t have money. He said, ‘I don’t need the money once.

How much do you have?

I said I have a savings of fifty thousand, he said to bring it.

That car was worth three hundred and fifty thousand and he said I will sell it to you.

Can you afford a hundred thousand?

He said okay bring ninety, okay bring eighty. When I drove that car from Lagos to Ilorin the Lord spoke to me. When I got to the house, my wife asked me, where did you get this car from? I said calm down first let’s go inside.


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