GOD OF ALL POSSIBILITIES – Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries ‘Glory Reign Day1

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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Glory Reign Evening Session Day 1.

Lift up your hands towards heaven and worship the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords, open your mouth and worship the one who we have come to celebrate his greatness, go ahead and worship him wherever you are, go ahead and talk to him if you love him, we give you praise mighty God, we worship and adore you, we magnify your name mighty God, we give you all the glory, blessed be your name forever, in Jesus mighty name.

Father, we totally depend on you, Holy Spirit you alone but not me, be glorified Jesus, in these 5 days let only Jesus be exalted and I vow to give you all the glory, we vow to give you every glory in the name of Jesus.


I am not saying this to impress any mortal man, these 5 days will bring you a life changing encounter, I told God I am not going to be a blessing to a denomination but a blessing to the Body of Christ, our programs are not for Salvation Ministries, you will be shocked that when we had 5 Nights of Glory, I don’t call it Salvation Ministries, you will never hear it, I want to be a blessing to the entire body of Christ.

It is beyond church, anywhere you are in the world I want to announce to you before these 5 days is over everything about your life will turn, anywhere you are in any part of the world under the sound of my voice, Jesus will be glorified, you will have an encounter, this is not an event it is a season of encounter that you will remember till Jesus comes and to him we give all the glory, beginning from the song, there is no sick person that will go home with any disease, no matter the plague it is leaving your body now, before even the Word of God comes forth every sick be healed in the name of Jesus and all the oppress will be set free. To him we give all the glory, give him a big hand and you may be seated.

Tell your neighbour “You’re welcome to Glory Reign”, slap your neighbour a high five and welcome him/her to Glory Reign.

Glory Reign 2022!!!

We started with Night of Glory and we moved to 5 Nights of Glory and now it has gone to Glory Reign, God has not removed the word Glory, it keeps changing from one level to another.

Well, how many persons are set for the 5 Days.

Ministers, we have a conference tomorrow. It is not for ministers alone because the teaching is universal, they can be applied to even business, tomorrow morning we have two sessions at 9am. Pastor Femi will be taking the first one and I will be taking the second one and the Word was so strange. I was lying down when he gave me the Word, he was dictating the Word to be verbatim and I wrote it down, get set tomorrow morning because the Word you will hear will also move you to another level.




I am going to take some scriptures on possibilities, these are the key scriptures for the 5 days, we will be playing around them, Matthew 19:26, whatever is impossible with men will be made possible before the 5 days of Glory Reign is over. Mark 9:23, not something is possible, all things are possible including your thing. Mark 10:27, your faith and God connecting with you makes all things possible.

One day I was studying and I stumbled on a scripture that is completely different from the Word we have read. Luke 18:27. God said to me “this one is not your own faith it’s me showing my glory, its God displaying his glory to show who he is”. Lazarus does not need to exercise faith because he was already dead, it is for the Glory of God. Thing’s men have said are closed; those are the things I will make possible.

I came straight from this revelation and a young man in Bible School who wanted to receive Impartation, I asked him what is wrong with you? He answered and said “Sir, my mother has stage 4 cancer, all I want is for her to be healed” I asked him is that all you want? I didn’t pray. I said tell you mother God has healed her, I didn’t call her on the phone.

I was coming fresh with the Word of God, I said tell your mother she is healed, she came here on this altar to testify.

Now, I don’t know what men have said is impossible in your life as I am speaking right now, God will turn it around in the name of Jesus.
– Whatever the Doctors have declared a closed case before this night is over, that sickness is found out of your body. The louder your amen the faster your testimony in the precious name of Jesus.

What is Glory?

Glory simply means the magnificent, holiness and majesty of God, it shows the importance, greatness, honour, splendour, power and worth of God.

What does Reign mean?

Reign means to hold a royal office, possessing, dominating power or influence.

What is Glory Reign?

Let me define it, because when I said Glory Reign some people thought I was talking about rainfall.

Glory Reign is a divine royalty of God’s magnificence, greatness, honour, power and worth in a man’s life that makes him rule over the affairs of life.

In this Kingdom it is God’s Glory that defines your reigning. Simply, it is the Holy Spirit that embodies God’s glory.

Listen, all I am talking about tonight is about the Holy Spirit, when you’re talking about God’s glory you are talking about the Spirit of God enveloped in a man. When you carry him, you carry the Glory of God and the glory of God is visible. The Holy Spirit is a person, he is not a wind, he is not fire, he’s not a white dove, he’s not an aroma. The aroma of a food is not the food, people will say there is an atmosphere here, that is not the Holy Spirit.

The shaking of the leaves is not the wind, the atmosphere is just an indication but that is not him. Is the barking of the dog the dog, that is a sign that the dog is there, he is a person who thinks plans and talks. He is the voice of the Godhead. John 16:1, he is a person, he is not an IT, never refer to him as it, he is a person. He also talks, it was the Holy Spirit that turned chaos into beauty. Genesis 1:1-3, the Hebrews translation says “Light be and light was”, that was not sunlight because sunlight was created on the 4th day.

So, what kind of light was this? This was God’s glory, he said let me glory be and my glory was.

It was the glory that created material things. Every material thing you’re seeing was created by the glory of God. Whatever you’re lacking in your life the Holy Spirit will supply it as I am talking right now.

The glory of God has never diminished; it is still there because God does not diminish. God is the same, the earth without form and void is a picture of ugliness, chaos and darkness, it was without form, no beauty, therewas no beauty, there was nothing to behold, perfection in verse 1, imperfection in verse 2 and then the Holy Ghost came and begin to move, it’s can be likened to a home without furniture in it, you know how it will be echoing, if you enter that kind of house, you will say this house is empty.

Creation was empty and then the Holy Ghost began to move.

In verse 3, Chaos was turned into beauty – God said, let this empty void space begin to have light and as he was speaking things began to happen. Every ugly part of your destiny will turn as I am speaking right now. Chaos was turned into beauty when the Holy Spirit showed up. The same Holy Spirit today will turn sickness to health, he will turn failure to success, bondage to liberty, darkness to light, confusion to peace, barrenness to fruitfulness, whatever is ugly will be turned by the Holy Ghost. If you believe it, shout amen like a child of God.

Isaiah 22:15, when the Holy Ghost came, he turned wilderness into a fruitful land. You can’t grow a Church without him, maybe you went to Church and the whole chairs are empty, he is the one who will bring people to Church.

At creation he turned emptiness into beauty. You enter your shop and everything is empty, he is the one that can make that business colourful. Look at your life, every empty aspect I speak into that area he will turn it around right now, every empty void, ugly part of your life even your brain that looks empty he will turn it around in the name of Jesus. Luke 1:35, he was the one that came upon Mary, anywhere he enters he adds beauty. She was empty but he planted the Word in her.

He never goes anywhere and that place remains the same. This day will be the last day you’ll experience emptiness in your life, this is the last day you will experience shame in your life, this is the last day you will experience ugliness in your life, if you believe it say amen like a believer, in the name of Jesus.

Matthew 1:18-20, anywhere he appears things must turn, at creation he appears and things turned. This day everything ugly in your life will be turned around in the name of Jesus. He is a person, he speaks, he talks, you can grieve him. 2nd Corinthians 3:17, somebody will be liberated as I am talking right now, just before the service I was sitting with my former PA and I said turn to the dictionary and look at the word LIBERTY.

The Holy Spirit just gave me a strange insight, he looked at it and I began to meditate deeply. Hear this, there is no operation of the devil that will hold you down after this moment. Listen, where the Spirit of the lord is there is LIBERTY, take hold of that hold of that word. Where the Holy Ghost is there is liberty. Liberty is the state of being free from oppression or captivity. So, where he is you can’t be held captive, where he is you cannot be oppressed.

Acts 10:38, the Holy Spirit sets you free from captivity, where he is there is liberty, that means where he is Satan can’t oppress you, say I refuse to be oppressed, I have the Holy Spirit I cannot be oppressed, I cannot be held captive, I have the Holy Ghost with me, in me and for me, I cannot be held captive by any force in the name of Jesus. Worship him I am going to minister with that Word. Start singing. Say it I can’t be held captive.

Listen, I know him as a man who knows his friend. Are you hearing what I am saying? Is there anybody here with physical pain come up, I will demonstrate that the Holy Spirit is a person.

If you have terrible pain, come up, just one person, why I am using pain is because you will know on the spot If it is gone. Give her the microphone hold the microphone with your Left hand and raise your right hand up say with me: Holy Spirit you are the Spirit of liberty, set me free from pains now in Jesus name, take off the microphone and watch. Now, do what you could not do. You will be shocked that all the pains have gone away. Just do something you could not do before.

Doctor what did she say? She has been having a serious migraine for over 4 years but right now the pain is completely gone. That is her Husband, he is a minister from Answers’ Assembly Assemblies of God.

Lift up your right hand towards Heaven and say Holy Spirit you are a Spirit of liberty, look at your life is there anywhere you’ve been oppressed, Satan can’t possess you but if you leave him, he can oppress you. Some people have been oppressed even in their business; nothing is working. Look at your life and say “Holy Spirit you are the Spirit of liberty right now I am supposed to enjoy liberty. Now, call the area you want liberty. Liberty in my finances, liberty in my health, liberty in my career.

– Wherever you are held captive, he has set you free.
– Wherever any force was oppressing you, you have been set free right now.
– Your liberty is established as you have said it in the name of Jesus.
– That cancer is gone.
– That disease is gone.
– That oppression is over.
– That stagnation is over. If you believe it, say a loud amen like a believer.

You may be seated, where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

Is he in you? Is he with you? Is he for you? Then from today you will enjoy liberty. No force will hold you down
– No demon will hold you down
– No force will hold you down in the name of Jesus.

Where he is there is liberty, oppression has ended today. Who he sets free is free indeed. You are free forever.

Hear this, he is the one with us today, who Jesus was to the disciples is who he is to us today. It’s no longer Jesus who is with us, it is now the Holy Spirit.

If you want to know who the Holy Spirit is just know who Jesus was to the disciples that is the easiest way. Jesus was everything to the disciples, today he is not Jesus to us anymore. The Word says when I leave, I will send you my comforter. Let me put it for you in simple terms, the Holy Spirit is Jesus unlimited. Jesus was one person in one place but he said I am going to send you a comforter who will not just be in Jerusalem but he will be everywhere, he will do what I am doing for Peter, James and John everywhere representing me.

So, you no longer talk to Jesus now you talk to the Holy Spirit. He is the one with us on earth. But many don’t know him, Isaiah 59:19, between you and that evil he will come, he will separate you, he will make sure you are not touched, in your sleep, while you’re driving, that evil will not touch you, whatever they plan against you and I, the Holy Ghost shall lift up a standard, that evil shall not reach you, as you’re saying amen now, that evil will never befall you as your saying amen right now, that evil will be far from your destiny as you’re saying amen right now in the name of Jesus.

Zechariah 4:6-7, when the Holy Ghost moves every mountain will clear off, when the Holy Ghost shows up, every mountain before you will move off. Acts 4:31, without the Holy Ghost you will be timid, without him you will be full of fear, when he’s in you, you become very bold, you talk with audacity and authority, nothing frightens you, Peter who could run for a small girl could stand up before people and say “Shout up, we are not mindful of you”, the same peter. From today, that timidity and fear leave you forever.

Every child of God is supposed to be bold. But hear this and hear me well, I am going to pray for those who need life. He is the giver of life and I am going to go deep into that. If there are kidneys that are parked up, I was in a healing school and without knowing I pointed to a boy not knowing his kidney has parked up, he was already on dialysis, now your kidney begins to work and he stood upon this altar and testify that from that day till one year his kidney are working fine and he went for Checkup the two kidneys together were working fine. He is the giver of life; I am going to show you from the Word of God.

In case they told you something is dead in you it will work right now.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of life, say it. 2nd Corinthians 3:6C, who gives life? The Holy Spirit. When God moulded clay, he said let us mould man in our own image and the one that gave clay life was him. God did not plant a kidney it was clay that he made but one breath gave life and created kidneys, heart, organs and blood by one life. The life came from the Holy Ghost, if the Holy Ghost was not involved it would have remained a clay. That is why the Bible says he is the one that gives life, if he could give life to clay is it your kidneys that he can give life, is it your heart that he can’t give life.

I want you to drop every religious cocoon and flow with me. If he can give life to a clay, is it your body that they have told you that the paralyzed side he can’t give life back to, is it that hand that has been paralyzed or your brain are dead.

We were in Maryland and a man was brought where almost all the cell in his brain were dead, he was a moving corpse, the wife held him an Italian American and brought him as a man to die, they said that every cell in him is dying, if you write a big letter A, he would not recognize it.

They brought him to Baltimore convention centre, we were having a crusade and he was brought, he couldn’t do anything, his case was very critical. I was ministering on the power of resurrection which has to do with the Holy Ghost and on the spot all the dead cells came back right on the crusade ground, the wife told him who am I? He said you are my wife. He was asked to count one to three and he counted it. He could not read the alphabet before but on the spot, he could recognize everybody, he gave life to the dead cells.

Now, I don’t know what is dead in you, life is surging right now. John 6:63, I have known him as a person. The Spirit of God gives life, even if something is dead and it has an encounter with the Spirit, life will reach it, even if something has no life and it touches it, life comes to it. The spirit gives life. Lift your hand and say in the name of Jesus, I take life to the ministry you have handed over to me, you will see that the ministry will begin to go forward, give life to my business, give life to my womb, give life to my kidneys. Now, talk to him.

He is a giver of life; how many know that he gives life? Mama just give me your note, what is this? Is there life in this note? You know many times religion has made people think that the Holy Ghost is one abstract thing. To know the Holy Spirit, you have to be in the Spirit. So, you’re so religious and you’re waiting for him.

He is not an emotion; he is a person. Now, you will know that he is a person he talks.

Holy Spirit is you that I am talking about not another person, give life to this note book see the notebook, give life to this notebook, let life surge through this book in Jesus name. Sir I don’t need to embarrass you, you’re an anointed man of God, please come up. This is proof that there is life on this notebook, just watch, can a notebook push a man of God down?

Three of you are all men of God, please come and stand right here. Now, hold your hands together as men of God. Join your hands together. Holy Spirit you’re a person I have taught about you, give life to this notebook, that when these men touch it, they will know that it’s life they are holding. Now, the four of you try to take the note from me, you are anointed men, take the note from me. They all fell down. If there is no life anointed men can’t fall. Give me the book back.

Who has pains in his/her body come out right now, I am not going to talk just come, take this note I won’t pray and use it to touch the part where you have pain it will go, the Holy Spirit is the one on this note, take this note and touch the part you have pain, give it to me back you don’t need to put it for long, shake your head and there will be no pain.

If he can give life to a notebook, lift your hands to Heaven and say Holy Spirit you’re the giver of life, where do you want him to give life? It’s what you tell him that he will do, if you don’t tell him he won’t do it, tell him specifically what you want. I told him to envelope the notebook and he did that. Tell him to give life to your case. Talk to him, tell him where you want the life, go ahead and talk to him and he will give life.

– Miracles will happen.
– That paralyzed leg will walk right now.
– Those dead organs will jack back right now.
– That impotent body will begin to work right now.
– Every part of your body that has been declared dead; life is surging right now in the name of Jesus.

How many people believe? He was the one that went into the grave to wake Jesus, that is why he is called the Spirit of Life.

Jesus died, the Bible said he went to the region of the dead, he entered the dead body and raised him up. But if that same Spirit dwells in you. Romans 8:11, from this moment whatever that is dead from the crown of your head to your feet I command life right now.

– Every dead organ in you, life right now, by the power of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.
– Every organ they told you has packed up as I am speaking now life will surge.
– Impotent man will be healed in the name of Jesus.
– Every woman called barren you become fruitful in the name of Jesus.
– Every student struggling to understand, life in your academics
– You will understand with this same brain in the name of Jesus.
– Whatever is dead in you receives life in the name of Jesus. If you’re a believer, shout a believing Amen.

John 14:17, say he’s in me and if he’s in me nothing dies in me, Holy Spirit you’re in me, because you’re in me nothing dies in me, none of my organs is permitted to die, because you are in me. Glory to God. Nothing that he touches ever does, he can’t touch something and that thing dies. He created you. Job 33:4, who made you? The Spirit of God and if he’s the maker then you can’t pack up because the maker always has spare parts.

The Holy Ghost is the maker, manufacturers of cars have spare parts, are you hearing what I am saying? And if he is the maker, whatever part you desire from him, if there is any part missing in you right now, that part will grow back in the name of Jesus. I have ministers in a crusade where a complete tooth that was extracted came out, I mean a tooth extracted by a Dentist, everyone who had an extraction I command a new one right now.

I have ministered where Fallopian Tubes were proclaimed gone by a doctor and the tubes grew, not once not twice. Listen, who created you? I am going to go very simple. Car manufacturers when they produce cars, they have spare parts because they know one day there can be a damaged part and when a car is damaged, they will instruct you to get a new part to replace it because in their wisdom they know you can have a problem.

Now, who created you? So, you mean in his wisdom he does not know that something can pack up in your body, which means he has spare parts, if men can make parts for your body, the one who is the only wise God.

The enemy came to steal your body, even if it’s surgery it was stolen by the devil. Now, whatever part of you that is missing the creative power of the Holy Ghost gives you a new part in the name of Jesus. Somebody will have two new kidneys now. You have a new heart now.

A young lady was brought by her husband, she was violent, she couldn’t stand when they brought her, she was shouting I am just coming from the hospital, my heart has packed up and I don’t want to die, she stood here and she was shaking and we prayed for her that God should give her a new heart. She stood here with her medical report, no trace was found in her body, that was 2 Sundays ago, all the complications in her heart were gone.

Listen, he has new parts, because he is the maker of man and there is no day the maker can lack the product he produces. So, whatever is missing in your body, the maker supplies it now. receive organs, new bones in the name of Jesus.

John 9:6, every blind man in scripture he will say to them, blind eyes be open. But he met a man, he didn’t say blind eyes open, he took the clay and poured saliva and turned it and he put it on the man’s eye. Is it to make him more blind? You know why he did that he was involving the Holy Spirit because he was in human flesh, everybody was blind but that man was born without eyes. So, he needed to create new eyes for him and he knew that man was created from the dust, so he took the dust and took the Spirit of God in him and he said you were not born with eye, you’re not just blind, you don’t have eyes so I give you two new eyes and that man had complete new eyes.

I don’t know what is missing in you right now, the maker of men is the Holy Spirit, receive new parts in the name of Jesus, receive a new body in the name of Jesus. The maker is giving you a complete new eyes, if you believe say amen like a child of God.

When the Spirit of life comes, death must go away, sickness is dead, poverty is dead, sin is dead. The prodigal son’s father said, “my son is dead but now he’s alive” and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of life.

Say with me: Holy Spirit you’re the Spirit of Life, cancer is dead, heart disease is dead, diabetes is dead, all diseases are dead.

When the Holy Spirit shows forth the devil of death must go, I command the devil of death tormenting your life, go in the name of Jesus. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered, all the enemies of your life will be scattered by the power of the Holy Ghost. Shout a loud amen if you’re a child of God. Let us worship God.


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