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– Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG 69th Annual Convention Tagged ‘A New Wave Of Glory’ (Evening Session, Day 4)

When it is time to praise God, look at those who do it very well, children, because they don’t know anything yet, they don’t respect their position or anything.

I was talking to my children, the Pastor, I said we went to hold the Holy Ghost Service in one of the Universities, you should have seen the Vice-Chancellor dancing more than the students, God looked down from heaven and saw that, some weeks later, the enemies tried to remove him but the Lord of Host rose up and removed the enemy. Humble yourself, God fights your battles for you. Pride shows!

Some people ask me, how can you be humble considering all that God has done for me, without a doubt, God has been gracious to me, one of the topmost magazines in the world said I am one of the top fifty influential people in the world, God has been good. You still hear me saying sir to my driver because God loves me and He talks to me intimately.

I will remind you of what happened after Lekki 98′ one of the biggest programs we ever held. We came back here at night, I was out praising God for the mighty things He had done between 2:00 am and 3:00 am, I knew the spot where I was, He said son, bend down, quickly I bent down and He said draw the figure of a man in the sand, quickly I did and He said stand up, I did, He said wipe out what you have drawn with your leg, I did, He said son, if you ever forget who is the One in Charge I will wipe you out and nobody will ever remember you came into the world. Do you still want me to proud after that?
You must conquer pride tonight.

Sexual Lust: You lust after the opposite sex, there are people who will say once you are born again, you are a child of God and you can do what you like, fool around with the opposite sex it doesn’t matter you will make it to heaven.

I read it in the New Testament, 1 Corinthians 3:17, the Apostle of grace said you are the Temple of the Almighty God and you defile His Temple?

He will destroy you. Do you think idolatry, fornication is something to be toiled with? When God destroys, He does a very good job because He is a consuming fire.

Food: God wants you to eat to have enough strength to continue to do the job. Some people have turned food to god, Philippians 3:19. Food for the belly, belly for food, both of them will be destroyed.

Why do you groan when we announce a fast? How come you don’t shout for joy when I say we are going to fast?

In July we normally fasted at least two weeks but this year I announced to my pastors to tell the congregation that since we have already fasted for sixty-three days, all we need to do is top it up with seven days, they were glad, I thought they would say daddy, only seven days?

They left with joy, I was never a faster before, the first day someone told me to fast for three days and night without food, I called Him a murderer but God gave me victory, He will give you victory.

God said there are certain demons that cannot go out except with prayers and fasting, how did I get my victory? God helped me. I just go to the calendar, tell my belly after this day you will get food, my tummy will grumble.

From tonight onward, your belly will no longer be your master.

Talkativeness: You just want to talk and yet it is clearly stated in Proverbs 12:13, the wicked is snared by his lips. Matthew 12:36, the Lord Jesus Christ said every idle word you speak, you will give an account in the day of judgment meaning the less you talk, the better because everything you say is been recorded to be used against you in the day of judgment.

I was in a meeting of big men and there was one fellow there when everyone is speaking he must say something, I said sir, you think you know more than all of us? If you just keep quiet and let others talk, you may learn something.

There are some things you do and you know it is not good but you say it is not too bad.
Two great men had just one little habit.

Genesis 9:20-25, the Bible tells us that Noah had three sons but he had this little habit of just a little wine occasionally and one day he took one too many and become drunk and when he woke up, he pronounced a curse on one of the three sons, he said servant of servants will that fellow be, he cursed his won legacy.

Genesis 19:30-38, Lot, rescued from destruction, he too had the little habit of taking wine occasionally.

The two daughters got him drunk one after the other and he produced children from his daughter. Check it, if it is not too bad, it is already bad.

Anger: We all know clearly, nobody gets angry without a reason, Ecclesiastes 7:9 says anger rests in the bosom of fools. Whenever you feel anger welling up, quickly tell yourself don’t be a fool.

Consider such a great man, Moses in Numbers 20:1-12, He has been labouring for God for forty years, leading the most difficult set of people and then just before he got to the Promise Land, he lost his temper.

Watch it, anytime something is about to get you angry, quickly check, refuse to be provoked.

Several years ago, we were going to hold a Congress in Ondo, the Choir had been practicing, they wanted to go with me to minister, a day before the departure, somebody convinced my father in the Lord that not all the Choir should go and they ran to me to speak to my father in the Lord and as I went to him, he said no, who did this?

Anger began to well up in my heart and when you feel that kind of anger, you qualify it, the Holy Spirit spoke to me straight, you dare not be angry.

In the Name of the Almighty God, I decree that from now on, you will not be angry again.

Quickly, I cooled down and I told the others who couldn’t go with me sorry. We went to the place where we were supposed to have the program and my cousin, his wife to be and five other people were in a small Volkswagen beetle and at the gate of the venue that had an accident, a bus hit them from behind, pushed them into the mouth of another vehicle and squashed the car with seven people and they all came out alive. When I heard the news, the Lord told me, if you would have been angry, the blood of seven people would have been on your head.

For the rest of your life, you will never be angry again.


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