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– Bishop George Bloomer at the Dedication of Love of Christ Generation Church C & S Cathedral, Victoria Island Lagos.

We stand to honor all of the honorees this afternoon and those that are watching.

I want you one more time to put your hands together for Reverend-Mother and Daddy.

Common we could do it better than that.

One of the things the Prophet spoke of is that there’s going to be a shift in Nigeria and that God is going to restore back to this Country that which the palmer worm, the cankerworm, the caterpillar, the locust, the grasshopper has stolen unto you. Everything the devil has taken from you.

I am reminded quickly of a story you would for a moment, it is written in memories of George Washington- Carver.
George Washington Carver, in the days of 1800 was known as a peanut farmer went to a convention like this, where hundreds of people came from all over the existed plantations. Came together to have a convocation, convocation in those days lasted for 8 days.

Washington Carver, he said he sat in the congregation steering up to the ceilings while they were preaching, and he asked God a question.

The question he asked God was Lord, show me the universe and the Lord.

The Lord Immediately spoke back to him and said, ‘that is too big for you to understand’ .

For the next few months he found himself asking God to show him different things and the Lord will always speak back to him. It’s too big to understand biology, it’s too big to understand theology, it’s too big to understand anthropology.

Everytime he speaks to God, God will always respond back to him that it’s too big to understand. It’s too big, too big, too big.

He said he got to a point where he felt he was stupid and that there’s nothing in the entire universe that he could understand.
He saw some kids outside eating peanuts, he retrieved the peanut from one of the kids and held it up and waving it in the air almost to the point of cursing God to His face.

And he said, Lord show me the peanut to which the Lord spoke back to him and said, now you have given Me something that you can understand.

And showed him 300 ways to use the peanut.
I want everyone in this room to put your hands on head and say, Lord give me something that I can understand.

In 1983 Coca cola was the largest sold up company on the planet.

21 nations around the world displayed the Coca cola can in it’s own language.

In 1983, Coca cola decided to move it’s product off the shelf and replaced it with a new formula.

They spent five hundred million dollars on this secret formula and five hundred million dollars on an air campaign. That’s a billion dollars.

The first six weeks of this new product being out the United States of America along with hundred and twenty nations around the world has rejected the Coca cola new product.

They had to go back and get the old product and put it back on the shelf and put a seal and called it a classic.

It took them a billion dollar to learn that ‘if ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

In 1983, there was a another company who’s the father of that soda pop company had passed away and left to his son who is a Sunday Baptist preacher in North Carolina.

He goes to his prayer closet asking God. ‘Lord, give me something that I could understand’.

Because 83 per cent of the people who drinks soda pop in the United States of America drink Coca cola.

This young man didn’t have a chance, he goes into his prayer closet and comes out of his prayer closet, and God gives him a slogan, ‘ choice of a new generation’.

He made some brand new cans campaign and in six month down the year, the United States grabbed this new soda pop with the ‘ new choice generation’ brand.

So he said to himself that if there is a new choice generation in Carolina, they have got to be one in China, they have got to be one in Russia, they have got to be one in Mexico.

So, they got a jet and they flew down to Mexico, to say to the Mexican people see this new product which is called ‘Pepsi’ and they said no! Only Coca cola.

And they went to Russia. Russians said no, only Coca cola.

Everywhere they went, they said no, only Coca cola.
He flew back to America and went to his prayer closet and went to the Lord and said Lord, give me something that I could understand.

And the Lord spoke to him the second time and he comes out of his prayer closet and he goes to little Italy, and he goes to little Mexico.

And when he comes back, he goes to advertisement companies and gets back on his plane and flies back to Russia.

When he got to Russia, seating in front of the Russian’s Comrades the second time and he said we will like to build a restaurant in your country and they oh, we like American restaurants.

What kind of restaurant are you going to build?
He said, Chicken restaurant.

They said we already have the golden orchids and many of your restaurants here.

He said we will like to build a restaurant and Russians said no problem.

And he said under one condition, if I build this restaurant, you are going to allow me here to sell my soda product.

Mr Pepsi was not in the business of selling anything other than Pepsi but he went and conducted frying chicken, turtle birds .

He wasn’t in the business of selling pizza or chicken but he was in the business of selling soda pop. But we learn from that, that sometimes you got to do this before you can do that.

I promise you today that the generations this Woman of God is reaching are not different from the generations who have already set in their ways.

Infact, God is going to do an extraordinary thing.
In the book of Genesis, the Bible teaches us that the King went to Isaac and said Isaac, do not go where prosperity is taking place, rather dwell in the land whatsoever I have given you to dwell.

Stay here in the land. Look at your neighbour and say ‘ stay here in the land’. Say to your neighbour, prosperity is going to the land.

Why? Because whatever you speak into the atmosphere, it is going to shape.

You must understand that God has given you the power to call those things that be not as though they were and it shall come into existence.

Look at someone and say, ‘ your broke days are over’. Your days of prosperity is coming.

Sometimes you got to this before you can do that. He said to Isaac don’t go down to other parts but stay in the land. So, Isaac stayed in the land and he sowed in the land.

I want to close here, the next move of God is going to take place by individuals who are going to sow and sow continuously for the word of the Lord.


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