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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG September Holy Ghost Service. God Bless You (Part 8)
‘You Shall Be Fruitful’

– Give Him glory, give Him honour because you are alive, thank Him for keeping you to this day, thank Him because your tomorrow will be alright.

The Month of October is going to be our youth convention, next month is going to be filled with youthful energy and the Holy Ghost Night will be on 1st October, which tells you it going to be extra special. The theme for the Youth Convention is ‘ Beyond Expectations: God Bless You (Part 9)’

Genesis 1:28
You shall be fruitful, that is my will for you, that is my prayer for you, that is my prophecy to you, that is my decree to you, that is God’s decree concerning you.

Why are we so sure that you are going to be fruitful?

1. Because it is God’s will, there is what we call the law of priority, the Bible says in Luke 6:45, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Out of the abundance of the Almighty God, when He was blessing man, He said you are blessed, be fruitful, Isaiah 55:10-11, said the Word of God will not return to Him void. Psalms 33:11, says the counsel of God shall stand.
We have been reminded, Exodus 23:26, none shall be barren, when God says none, it means none.

2. Because God Himself is a family man when the Lord was teaching the Disciples to pray in Matthew 6:9, the first thing He said is Our Father, which who is in heaven.

God, Himself is a Father, a family man. He has a begotten son, John 3:16, He wasn’t a barren father. He loved the Son so much that according to Acts 10:38, He followed Him everywhere.

Because He wanted more children according to Romans 8:29, the Bible says He applied the law of harvest that the Only Begotten Son will become the firstborn of many children, He sowed the One Son and the One Son produced a harvest of billions, some of which are here today.

3. Be fruitful is not a command, it is a decree, a decree you cannot dodge, that is why I say my decree to you in the Name of the Almighty God is you shall be fruitful.

It is a decree of my Daddy in heaven, the One who speaks and it is done, Psalms 33:8-9.

The decree came from my daddy, the One who will speak and make it good, the One who will never lie, Numbers 23:19, God is not a man that He should lie nor the son of man that He should repent.

When He speaks it is a settled matter. When He issues a decree, even the dead must obey, John 11:39-44
– Daddy says the baby is kicking again.

Even the dead responds to His decree when Jesus said Lazarus come forth, the man who had been buried for four days knew that that was a decree, he had to come back.

Romans 4:16-21, the Bible made it clear that it was the decree of the Almighty God that brought back the dead womb of Sarah and she started bringing forth a son.

I want us to go back to the original definition of blessing. When the Almighty God says you are blessed, it means all the forces in heaven, all the forces on earth, all the forces underneath the earth. Angels, demons, humans, must all assist you to succeed that is why I am still a bit disturbed when I am going for my walk at night and someone sees me and walks towards me and I say God Bless You and they still say pray for me, I have already said God Bless You and it means to let all the Hosts in heaven help you to succeed, let all the Hosts on earth and underneath the earth help you to succeed.
God Bless You!

When God blesses you it means angels will assist you, they will bring good news, somebody is going to get good news tonight.

The Bible says in Hebrews 1:13-14, angels are ministering spirits, servants of those who are children of God.

Judges 13, it was an angel that brought good news to Manoah’s wife, He said you are going to have a son, Manoah said an angel came and you didn’t call me? God, please send the Angel again and God did.
An angel will visit somebody.

It was an angel that God sent to Zachariah in Luke 1:5-25, he was ministering in the Temple when an angel appeared and said I know you and your wife are old but you are going to have a son.

Each time I read Daniel 6, when they threw Daniel in the den of lions, they even put a stone across the mouth of the den so there is no way he could escape.

An angel came and blocked the mouth of the lion and by the following morning, those who sealed the den of lions were the same people who removed the stone and those who threw him in, ended up becoming the food of the lions.

An angel will visit somebody tonight, all those who have written you off will get a surprise

Some of my children say Daddy you keep on telling us you are not a prophet, I am a pastor but I hear from God once in a while, when I hear from Him I can say what I have heard. He says God’s prophet will help me, he will speak to me, he will notice me and he will say God grant your request. I stand as a representative of the Most High God and I say God will grant your request.

1 Samuel 1:9-20, the Bible tells us that God’s prophet noticed Hannah, thought she was drunk, she said I am not drunk, if I am drunk it is with sorrow, the man of God said alright, what you want from God, God will give to you and it happened immediately.

The Word of God says in Matthew 18:19, the Bible says when two of you agree as touching anything you ask on earth shall be done for you by my Father in Heaven, I am in agreement with every one of you, wherever you are, God will grant your request.

– The Lord asked me to tell someone, from now on you will have peace of mind.

2 Kings 4:8-17, the story of the Shunammite woman, it is a prophet that said to her, nine months from now you will carry a boy. The woman said don’t deceive me, the man of God said I am not advising you, I am decreeing.

I decree to every one of you in the name that is above every other name, nine months from now you will be carrying your babies.

Angels will help you, the Prophets will help you, the biggest of all is that God Himself will help you. How?

1. He will remember you because if you check the song we sang, it says that God will remember me and when He remembers someone, that fellow must be fruitful.

Genesis 30:22-24, the Bible says God remembered Rachel and the moment God remembers somebody, that individual or nation must be fruitful.

I am decreeing tonight, as individuals, God will remember you, as families, God will remember you, as a church God will remember us, as a nation God will remember us because where we are now unless God will remember us.

The Bible tells us that when they threw Joseph in prison and he interpreted the dreams of some people and one was killed the other was restored, Joseph said when you get there don’t forget me, he got there and forgot but when the appointed time came, he remembered. God will remember you!

2. When God remembers you, the next thing He will do is to open doors as we sang in the song. Genesis 30:22, God remembered Rachel and opened her womb, when God remembers you, He will open doors particularly the doors of your womb.
– The Almighty God asked me to tell somebody, your marriage will experience a new dawn.
– He asked me to tell someone, I will fill the void in your life.

(When He says I will fill the void in your life, it goes beyond getting pregnant, it could mean that the one who by now is not married will be married, it could mean that the one who has been overlooked in promotion will get promotion, it could mean that the one who has no joy will have joy, it could mean the one who is feeling hopeless will have hope again)

According to Revelation 3:7-8, when He opens no man can shut. Whether the door is the door of prison like in Acts 12:5-11, when they threw Peter into prison and they thought that by tomorrow they will kill him, when God was ready, the doors were opening of their own accord because God is the manufacturer of the first automatic door because He is the Door Himself and the one who is called the Door will visit somebody tonight.

If He remembers you, He opens the door of your womb and then if need be, he will come himself like in Genesis 18:1-14, He visited Abraham and Sarah, He came to do that which will make the previous prophesies decrees. He said no more prophesies, nine months from now.

As the Lord lives before whom I stand, nine months from now your baby will be crying in your hands.

When I said an angel will visit you or God will visit you, usually when He wants to do so, He will probably put on the shape of somebody you know is connected to Him because if God himself comes because He said you can’t see me and live if you see a real angel because I have seen them before, you will be seriously frightened.

Because God himself is going to help you, every child that will be born as a result of tonight’s meeting will be special like Isaac, not only is the name laughter, he is a child who never gave the parents any problem, obedient, submissive.

– The Lord has decided the song you are going to sing next Convention. He says as you lift up your children during the Convention your song will be ‘He has given me victory, I will lift Him higher’

Isaac was a nice boy, he was well trained, he accepted the training, he loved the father and loved the God of the father.
Genesis 22:1-18, when the Father was going up the mountain to offer a sacrifice, it was Isaac who said to the Father, I can see the fire, the wood, the knife, where is the animal we are going to be using? He knew he shouldn’t come to God empty-handed, he learned from the father.

When his father grabbed him and began to bind him, Isaac was around fifty or so years old, papa was already over a hundred years old, if he decides to run, do you think papa will be able to catch him? He was so submissive, let the will of God be done.

That is why God said I swear, Isaac, I will multiply you. Every child that will be born as a result of tonight’s meeting will be a child of multiplication.

The children that came through Isaac were the first set of twins, Esau and Jacob, children of multiplication, it was the child that Isaac brought forth that was the real beginning of Israel because by the time Israel got to Egypt there were seventy people by the time they left Egypt they were already six thousand plus.

Out of your womb shall come nations.
Special children like the child that came out of Manoah and his wife, Samson a mighty judge, Judges 13.

Consider the child that came out of the womb of Hannah in 1 Samuel 3:19-21, the Bible tells us that a great prophet was established in Israel, as soon as Samuel spoke, it is established, God won’t allow His words to fall on the ground.

He was the first kingmaker in Israel, he was the one who decided who will be king and he was also the first king remover. Powerful prophet of God.

I don’t know which one you want, a judge or a prophet, whatever child you want will be special in Jesus name.


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