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I will give you an example, when I was praying in 1961 in Mushin, living in a room in Mushin. I was asking God to build me a boys quarter. I had just become General Overseer and my wife and children that were in Ilorin were about to come and join me.

They had been living in a mansion in Ilorin so I wonder how they will move from a mansion to a room. I prayed for a boys quarter, one room for me and my wife, one room for the children and one room for guests.

I was praying and the Lord said to me ” Son don’t ask me for a small house, I am building you a city”.

The only fellow who can believe that statement is either a fool or a child. I was a child, I not only believed God, I told those who were around me.

I want you to have that kind of faith because the Siege over your life is over tonight.

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