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  • Bishop David Oyedepo
    Day 12 Evening Session,
    21 Days of Prayer and Fasting (10th to 30th January 2022) Communion Service
    One of the foremost blessings of prayer and fasting as we have always known is outbreak of light. It is our supernatural rise from obscurity by coming to access to the light of life.
    Prayers: God show me light again tonight and let it move me forward in my walk with you and in all my endeavours.
    Light is sweet, light is the sweetest offer in the Kingdom. It is a beautiful thing for the eyes to behold the sun. Change of story is a function of light, we go from glory to glory by revelation.

Why must we continue to pray for Church Growth? Church growth is the will of God. John 12:32, Matthew 11:28-29. He wants all to come to Him. Luke 12:32. Continuous and unending growth is God’s will for His church. Matthew 18:20.

Hebrews 11:23-24. Jesus dwells in Church, He resides in Church. It is clear that continuous and unending growth is God’s agenda for the church.

If Church Growth answers to prayer then prayer is ordained to be a continuous and unending plan of God for His church. Church Growth demands prayer. That is enough to set anybody going for life in praying for Church Growth.

Where praying for Church Growth stops. Church automatically stops growing. We are in a battle against their captors. Luke 11:21-23. That is a battle that calls for prayers. Please catch the picture and get energized on the altar of prayer.
I saw something as I searched today: Psalm 37:4. It is this lack of delight that keeps us begging for things.

Enjoy kingdom engagements in all areas and it will be my priority to keep blessing you. There were no offerings in those days when we started jumping around with the little light that we had, preaching the word. So it is never a motivation because it wasn’t there yet I could not have an opportunity for a honeymoon. Doing what attracts no material reward with delight.

No heart for God, no marks on the earth. Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of your heart. My wife was between heaven and earth and I was in 27 nations that same year, in the course of the death and smiling the same way I was smiling. I am doing His thing, He is doing my thing. No fight. I can’t see your heart but the events around you are a pointer to what goes on in your heart. Proverbs 3:26.

My prayer is that God takes over your affairs tonight.
Psalm 112:1-2
Your delight goes to impact your seeds in their generations. Wealth shall be in his house, he won’t ask for it. Solomon never asked for it. It’s not a thing that you are meant to pursue after, it is what pursues you as you pursue God. May goodness and mercy pursue you all through this year and all the days of your life.


Goodness and mercy are simple but powerful tools.

Being Chairman of the Church Council doesn’t work, He only knows those who love Him. Please know, your delight in things of God is your ticket to a life of fulfillment, sign up, join this chariot, take your rest from the struggles of life.

Sign up for it and watch Jesus take over the affairs of your life. As He has taken over the affairs of many people’s lives in this church and they are just having fun where other people are struggling.

  • The God of this Commission will take over your battles this year. Not just for this year or this season but all the days of your life.
    Among the sustaining forces of Church Growth is the Word of life. It is the way to grow a Church and the way to keep it growing. It is the key to Church growth and it’s sustainability. John 6:66-68.
    The Word took over the whole of Asia within two years by the ministry of Paul the Apostle. A man you might want to describe as a million in one, God by his hands planted Churches all across Asia and Europe. By the word, he was teaching morning and night and within two years the whole of Asia was overrun with the light of God’s word. Acts 19:8-12. Here was the thing the Lord showed me while I was asking him why the church was not growing. He said “keep sowing and I mean keep teaching life applicable words and as the grass grows the sheep will come. Keep the grass green and they will walk kilometers to look for green grass.

They drive for hours looking for green grass and they will not only come, they will lie down there. That is the mystery behind Church Growth – Teaching life applicable words.
Acts 6:4-7.
What do we then pray for? Lord keep sending us your word. The sent word will always deliver, let our altars remain on fire by the sent word. Let our altars in this commission remain an altar of the word in season that refreshes the souls of the weary (Isaiah 50:4). Let our altars remain charged with the right word in every service. There is so much to pray for. Lord grant utterance to all our Pastors, turn them to serious men and women so they can catch what the Lord is saying.

I asked Him a very funny question today, I said “Lord Jesus take over our pulpit and turn our pastors to microphones”. When you teach, the sick are healed. Turn all of us, including myself to microphones so when they are out of the altar they know you spoke.

A number of us may have seen that a few times but we will be seeing it all the time now. When Jesus takes over, all unimaginable things start happening.

That’s what makes ministry sweet. When Jesus takes over the pulpit the unusual, the unbelievable starts happening. Ephesians 6:19, Acts 14:3. So we are praying for supernatural boldness for all our Pastors and those that stand behind the pulpit to teach.

So much to pray and God is more than willing, if you ask anything He will hear. When He hears you are sure it will happen. Continuous growth is one of God’s core will for the Church, Jesus died to make it happen. God doesn’t just want to save them, He wants to drag them into His church and then they shall be free indeed because the truth sets you free. Everything we need to make our spiritual life enviable and colourful is in the Church. Let’s join in this heartbeat of Christ to see all men drawn to Him.
One guy came from America for a two week break or something and within the two weeks He spent, He had 65 souls that He was following up from there. It depends on where your heart is. If it is in your heart to be part of the gatherers of souls to the Church, God will make it happen through your hand. it depends on where your heart is. Proverbs 14:28. He is a lover of multitudes, it honours Him. Expect Heaven’s honour for being a part of the ingathering army of Jesus.


Accessing what you don’t have to pray for is very sweet. I was on my way from a Mission field and I just thought about something and I got home and met it. I said “God, why now. Can’t you wait for someone to pray first”.

Lord, if I have a Peugeot car I will give to this fellow who is going on this Mission, the following day “Sir, someone brought a seed for you. It’s a Peugeot car”. I packaged it and sent it to him. I never touched the key in my life. Have the kingdom matters in your heart, you won’t lack surprises in your life.

This is the cheapest and most rewarding spiritual engagement yet it is where most people fail because the devil is afraid of your entering into a prayer life because it changes you and your level of spiritual authority.

  • Everything keeping anyone down in his prayer life is caused tonight.
    Jesus came for one purpose and yet the world will never recover that He came. One purpose – To be a witness of the reality of the kingdom of God on earth. Generations forever till He returns still remain under His reign.
    Prayers: Lift up your two hands and receive grace for unbroken focus on Him and the matters or His kingdom. Grace that empowers believers to live above distractions, I receive it tonight.
    We had a very funny experience in Lagos here, for seven solid years a ministry was just hitting at us, I didn’t feel it. I am human. Grace. When someone you are a part of his life hits you, you know it can be painful. He didn’t allow me to feel it by grace. Unbroken focus and we are just scaling heights. Someone says you are mad, that is his opinion which he has a right to.

No one can know you like you, if it is not true why are you fighting it. This anointing oil is evil, now it is good to even the person who was saying it then. Now they anoint everybody, they anoint everything. These are opinions they are allowed. You shall not have what he says, you shall have what you say.

You won’t miss your flight in life. Many who came to Christ after you are already flying, it is all these small distractions that are stopping you. When God promotes you no man can demote you. Focus on Jesus.

  • No sickness survives tonight.
  • Your focus on God will never be broken.
  • You will never know shame and reproach.
  • Every oppression is destroyed, nightmares are finished.
  • This will be a season you never forget in a hurry.
    Prophetic Blessings
  • I decree as a priest of the most high God that your cries are heard.
  • Your desires are granted
  • Your intercession shall be rewarded.
  • No single person you pray for will lack testimony.
  • Your kingdom advancement prayer shall have raw manifestation.
  • Every one you target for salvation shall be saved.
  • Everything about you will experience the commemoration of the seventh year of Wonder Double prophetic agenda.
  • Nothing fails in your hand anymore.
  • No one here shall fall or stumble, no more pressure on any area of your life.
  • For obeying God your next level is here.
  • For pursuing God with all your heart, your enviable days are here.
  • Strength to continue till the end, receive it now. Strength to enjoy doing not endure it, receive it now.
  • No issue of your life shall remain an issue by the end of this fasting season.
  • By the end of this fast, your questions are openly answered.

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