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Congratulations to Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr and Isaac Oyedepo as today marks 14 years of being ordained into Ministry by God’s General, Dr Kenneth Copeland. He who started the good work will surely bring it to completion. We appreciate God for the gift of you and the amazing impact he has wrought through your Ministeries. Thank you for tirelessly serving God, showing us good examples and bringing to us the undiluted Word of God which has caused tremendous transformation in the lives of many.

May Almighty God continue to unleash upon you both more grace and anointing needed to keep doing His work. May your Ministeries thrive and keep bringing forth testimonies to the glory of God. May your example of faithful service be an inspiration to others and may God continually grant you the wisdom, strength and courage to continually preach the Gospel with holy zeal and lead people to His Kingdom.

Through your Ministries, mighty miracles shall continue to be wrought. May the days ahead be filled with many blessings and divine grace to celebrate more anniversaries. We pray that God will continue to renew, increase and strengthen in both of you, the graces received at ordination as you carry out his sacred Ministry.

Congratulations to you Sirs.

We love and celebrate you.

God’s Multiplied Blessings from all of us whose lives your teaching as blessed and transform.

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