Globally Recognized Multi Award Winning Songwriter, Worship Leader and Gospel Music Artiste.

We thank God for your life. Over the years you have consistently portrayed a life yielded to God. Your seasoned and Spirit filled songs of praise and worship have led men to the Throne Room of God. All nations and people of every tribe are constantly drinking from the grace of your anointing. We praise and thank God who has kept you by His mercy and grace.

We pray that God decorates and beautifies you all the more. May you receive more songs directly from the Holy Ghost that will lead men to Christ. As you water the nations of the earth with pure streams of worship, may God Himself honour and water you.

May your days be fulfilled in all areas God desires you to be a blessing. May God amplify your voice and draw kings to the brightness of your rising. We pray you stay ever yielded to God and the interests of His kingdom till you finish strong and see the Lord face to face.

We celebrate you and your great contributions to the Body of Christ now and always.

Congratulations and God’s multiplied blessings



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