President, LoveWorld Nation and Central Executive Council
Senior Pastor Christ Embassy

Today is OFFER 7!
We make bold to say you are a rarity in the Kingdom and that you were packaged specially and sent to the world for a time like this.

Humanity will never forget the vessel called ‘Pastor Chris’.
Like a phenomenon, you have continued to etch your feet on the sands of time.
Today, Africa has imported the spirit of excellence to the world via the hand of God upon your life.
Many call you ‘Our Man of God’.
Some call you ‘that handsome Pastor’.
Others call you ‘the man of miracle, signs and wonders’.
Some others see you as an ‘innovator’.
Yet some see you as that man that can ‘never be broke in his life’ and many many more.
One thing we know is you are a most beloved Servant and Friend of God who was sent to give billions of lives meaning.

Sir, as you mark your birthday. We are living testimonies of the hand of God upon your life. Your years have indeed been of remarkable impact to all men of your generation on the earth.

We are grateful for your fatherly love over many, your deep spiritual insights in the word of God, your labours in teaching true and sound doctrines and your humanitarian service to all of those who encounter you.

We pray God exalts your horn like the horn of an unicorn and anoints you with fresh oil in this season. May the light which you represent to the Body of Christ become brighter and brighter and may God fulfil all your heart desires.

Congratulations Sir and God’s multiplied Blessings



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