General Superintendent
Deeper Christian Life Ministry
We celebrate a Father in the Faith
A Defender of the Faith
A Pillar in Christendom
A Father of Fathers
A Kingdom Anchor
A Setter of Legacies
A Sure and Steadfast Servant
Thank you for all you have done and you are still doing for the Kingdom of God.
Thank you for being consistent and teaching the Word with integrity and faith.
Thank you for your faithful service.
Your Faith is our Model
In your light we have seen light
You are indeed a blessing Sir!

We pray that you shall flourish like the Cedars of Lebanon and as your days are, so shall your strength, your rest and security continue to be in Jesus name.
May you grow in grace and may you still bring forth fruit in old age. May you be full of of spiritual vitality in Jesus name.
If Jesus tarries, we know for sure that your examples will remain entrenched in the sands of time.
May your cup of anointing continue to overflow and the blessing of the Lord rest mightily upon you and all identified with you in Jesus name.
Sir, We know you do not celebrate birthdays but please permit us to appreciate God for your life.
Congratulations Sir and God’s Multiplied Blessings.

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