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“A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time”
– Isaiah 60:22

Today we celebrate a man that despite all his successes has refused to arrive.

The first Sanctuary keeper in Living Faith Church Worldwide
The pastor with a passion for souls on the road and in church
The one who institutionalized giving offerings in envelopes to avoid those without Faith getting heart broken

The antiCoro19 Pastor

The founder of two of Nigeria’s best universities.

Specifically the best 2 private universities among Nigeria’s 99 private universities and consistently listed in the top 10 of Nigeria’s 197 universities.

The servant builder of thousands of churches across 6 continents.

Many churches all over the world did not go truly global while their founder was still alive, you are one of those few privileged founders among the 4 truly global churches in Nigeria
Presiding Bishop Living Faith Church Worldwide headquartered in Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland and if Jesus tarries, The Ark, Canaanland.

No other man of God alive or dead has seen a ministry grow from scratch or inception to having over 20,000 branches spread across the world yet you are unrelenting.

Many have refused to accept that you are a God-Made Man.

They claim you were made through tithes and offering yet in a regular service of 120 minutes, you allocate 70 minutes (66%) to preaching the undiluted word, 20 minutes (16.5%) to praise, worship and singing and only 3 minutes (2.5%) to the offering charge yet the ministry is a foremost and most prosperous debt free ministry.

The pastor who has vowed never to take a loan for the Church and entrenched a curse in the Church’s constitution (the Mandate) for anyone who ever tries it in future.

In a regular Covenant Hour of prayer which takes place for 6 hours every week you allocate 0 second (0%) to offerings -no box kept specially for those who are led to give-not even the Catholic Church does that-thereby making the church you pastor the least offering collecting church by number of services and time spent in between offerings.

Yet by divine ordnance instituted the paying of tithe of a church.

How many pastors will dare paying church tithe in billions to God through another Church?

Because of your humility and wisdom, contrary to what obtains in many places, the largest churches in Nigeria while thriving tremendously still see themselves as one in Christ.

One of the foremost Pentecostal churches with a clear succession plan and pattern no matter what happens and despite God showing you ministering on the altar at a ripe old age in 2038 (84 years old)

The Author of many books-over 100 and still counting and churned out in well over 10 million copies worldwide.

The Pastor presiding over the most beautiful , planned and organized church real estate of its magnitude with well over 10,000 acres.

The leader who looks to political leadership as well as followers well after an event and say-I warned you but you didn’t listen.

The Pastor who keeps advising other pastors that ministry is not industry yet who runs a ministry more successful than any major Nigerian industry…without a single loan or indebtedness.

We celebrate you on this most memorable day sir, same year of the ending of your wilderness journey in ministry.

We heard that a ministry under which you received mentorship established -19,300 home cells in 30 years but God has engraced you to establish over 18,000 cells in 8 months and counting over about 20,000 cells previously established.

You have made the lifetime labour of many of your forebears look like child’s play yet you have refused to stop. You keep running everyday as if you are about to start ministry.

We have been working on your biography since you were 60 and hoping to finish when you clocked 65.

Only for us to find that you had been engraced to start ministry in another dimension by the God of Wonder Double.
We will continue documenting consistently for now.

This is just the beginning sir.
We pray for many many more years in good health, prosperity and in service to God.
Congratulations Papa and God’s Multiplied Blessings.

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  1. I don’t know if Nigerian government had ever sent a congratulatory message to this man of God but if not then this is not good enough. Bishop Oyedepo deserves it just like every other ones that Femi Adesina would have done that to on behalf of the presidency. The man that founded the best private University in Nigeria. The spread of the network of Kingdom heritage Model School and Faith Academy in Nigeria is like that of a wildfire. The bulk of workforce in his employment and the exploits of this man of God in this country should without any bias qualified this man for at least some accolades from the Nigeria Government.

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