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Co-Lead Pastor, Common Wealth of Zion of Assembly.

Pastor Mo we thank God for the wonderful gift which you are to all of Christendom as you mark your birthday. We love how you love and support Pastor Biodun in all areas of the work of ministry.

We appreciate your steadfastness and all the examples of faithfulness and commitment you have set.
You have shown that it is possible.
You have shown that it can be done.
You have displayed with proof the virtue of patience.

May God bless and increase you on all fronts of your life.

May your heart desires for this new age be answered by heaven. May you live to a very ripe old age. Indeed your children call you blessed.

May your children’s children till the fourth generation surround your table. We pray God continues to smile on you and all you lay your hands upon.

Continue to move forward and expand on every side till you become very great.

Congratulations Ma and God’s multiplied blessings
From all of us at COZA Global.


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