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Water is one of the free gifts of nature, also one of the essential needs for existence. The body contains over 70% of water. Drinking water is very good for the body as it aids many metabolical processes such as:

  • Aiding digestion.
  • Aids absorption of nutrients.
  • Regulation of body temperature.
  • Regulates body pH
  • Dissolves excess salt in the body.
  • Reducing blood pressure.

Aside from these, drinking water very early in the helps a lot to make one fit and health. When you sleep, your body slowly dehydrates, making you feel fatigued and weak. This is as a result of the lose of water in our body system. Drinking water in the morning helps on the following ways:

  • It ignites the metabolic activities of the bodies: Drinking water early in the morning helps to ignite the body systems to ensure smooth running with the systems. Water wakens the passive body systems to put them to action as expected.
  • Water helps the body to get rid of toxic materials: When we sleep, our body system accumulate some toxic material, which may be detrimental to the body system. Drinking water helps to get rid of these toxics from the spots they might reside.
  • Drinking water in the morning helps to improve the brain: The brain tissue contains 75% water, which serves as a fuel for the brain. When you wake up in the morning, you loose water, which means the brain looses fuel. This makes you feel weak when you wake.
  • Drinking water early in the morning hydrates the body: When you wake early in the morning, you become dehydrated and tend to loose vigour. Drinking water in the morning hydrates the body and makes you gain vigour to keep the body fit for the rest of the day.
  • Prevents and cures diseases: It is said that prevention is better than cure, drinking water early in the morning helps to reduce high blood pressure, relaxes the muscles. Also it is said to be effective in controlling diabetes.

Conclusively, if you put into practise little health tips like drink water early in the morning, your are assured of having a lovely day ahead.

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