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One of the most important thing in anyone’s life is the their HEALTH, there is this saying that says health is wealth, and I have come to understand that no matter what you want to do or achieve you can’t them successfully without having your health in a proper state. You can’t read, work, think, and do some other things very well without having your health in proper condition.

If there’s anything that will determine what your health will look like it will basically be what you eat as food. Your state of health will help us to know if you feed on good meals or junks, I am not saying those junks or processed foods are bad but feeding too much on them maybe so dangerous to your health.

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Many has preferred eating processed food many times and complain so much about their health than any other thing, the problem is not your health, that I am saying this is not to tell you to stop eating processed food. As a matter of fact processed food also have their own advantages but not as good that you make it your everyday or every time meal that is when it can be dangerous.

I tell you the word processed, is a word that contains a lot of words when it comes to this particular food, the word processed in processed food is as a result of refining, attaching, detaching, addition, subtraction, extraction, infiltration, sublimation, and all sorts are what make the combination of processed food.

A lot has been removed during the processing of this particular product and has been replaced with things that are not even as nutritious as the original contents. It may even contain contents that have more sugar, salt and fats that tend to be very dangerous to the body when they are intake in a very high amount. This is why medical practitioners advice taking more of natural food than processed foods.

Natural foods are one of the keys to living a healthy life; I tell you there are a lot of benefits in taking natural food than processed food. We notice in the days of our great grandparent a lot of long ages are recorded before their death but so unfortunate that people die too early these days, many as a result of careless attitude towards their health, ever many under look their health to extent that there’s nothing, I mean nothing they can feed their self with as long as it is eatable. Be so conscious of your health not every eatable are palatable for your health.

I tell you, you can boycott the place of natural food if you sincerely desire a healthy and sickness free life, because too much consumption of processed foods increase cases of heart disease, obesity, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, psychological problems and so on.

Eat natural food very well, take time to eat fruits and vegetables, buy fruits instead of fruit juices, reduce the level at which you consume processed food and eat more of natural food and see your healthy function very well as you desire. Drinks plenty water, rest as at when due, take a lot of fruits and do exercise frequently, talk a walk at times it helps.

You can only do all you have in plans with having a proper health, you can stop spending on drugs by eating a lot of natural food rather than processed food. Help your health, safe your health by eating more of natural food than processed food.

Health is wealth.

Thank you.

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