Henry Mishel, the man who invent examination

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Background of Henry Mishel (Wikipedia)

Henry A. Fischel (Henry Mishel) was label as the person who invented examination. 
He came from a family of a shoemaker, his father name Adolf. Adolf married Anna and they both gave birth to Henry in 1913. Who later became a renowned professor of philosophy.

Henry Mishel became an American professor of Cultures and Near Eastern Language at the University of Indiana. 

Pictorial Discrepancy

According to Jayasriram blog which was published on 20th December 2017.

He made it clear that Henry Mishel is not the person in the poster the poster has a different photograph of a person called Henry Kimbal Hedley.

In fact, Jayasriram stated that two posters are circulating online tag with the name of Henry Mishel as the inventor of examination and the two posters have the picture of another person different from Henry Mishel.


This means we can now question the authenticity of whether Henry Mishel really invented examination or it just friction.
Fact About The Origin of Examination

According to history examination was first practiced by ancient China. China under the leadership of Sui Dynasty in 605 AD, organized an exam called the imperial examination to determine the best persons to obtain certain political office.

After then England embraces the idea and that was how examination became history today.

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