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– Prince Eniola Joseph Ojajuni
July 2, 2021 | Reported By : AdedoyinsOLA
“His house was surrounded, no entry, no exit, yet Igboho escaped with 5 of his guys.
By Prince Eniola Joseph Ojajuni
It’s no more news that Igboho’ house was ransacked by DSS and the Army at midnight of July 1st, 2021.

Against all rumours and stories from media and DSS, there are eyewitness accounts.

It’s a fact that it wasn’t only Sunday Igboho who escaped that attack. He escaped with some of his fighters.

Eyewitness accounts and CCTV video fragments are filtering out from survivors. Here are the facts you don’t know.

Read below:

1. Nigeria military, Foreign French-speaking military and DSS came in a convoy of 20 vehicles. Occupants of these vehicles are estimated to be 300.

When the attack started, 3 vehicles blocked the entrance to the Soka area of Ibadan. No entry, no exit, even if Sunday Igboho supporters tries to reinforce.

2. There was no gun exchange. Forget the account of DSS that said one officer was injured. The fact is, with the calibre of weapons DSS claimed to have seized from his house, there is no way an Agent will not die. Are those agents God that can not be killed? Yet not less than 4 Sunday Igboho men were killed at point-blank. It was revealed that alfa who just performing ablution to pray was shot despite kneeling down with hands raised up. DSS claimed he may have juju, they shot him on his head. It was summary execution.

3. A particular Yoruba man was on a conference call with DSS. He was explaining and directing DSS movement into rooms. He knows all Sunday Igboho rooms. He asked them to check the ceiling. When they were leaving, he called in again for them to look and kill all cats. It was an inside job, which leads to point Number 4.

4. Some military men numbering about 100 came to join the Sunday Igboho fold a few weeks ago. They said they want to join the Yoruba nation agitation. Sunday Igboho was warned not to accept them, but Sunday Igboho desperation blinded him. This is suspected to be his problem.

5. Most people arrested in his house were not fighters. Some of them were cooks and cleaners, except a blogger called Lady K. DSS realized this, so they released 4 women. Little did they know that out of the 4 people they released, Sunday Igboho wife who just arrived from GERMANY was mistakenly released. DSS will be biting their fingers right now.

6. His house was surrounded, no entry, no exit, yet he escaped with 5 of his guys. The circumstance of his escape cannot be explained scientifically or logically, but it happened.

7. Sunday Igboho still has no case to answer. The weapon paraded at the DSS office can belong to anyone. No, prove they were taken from Sunday Igboho house. As par the charming cloth. It does not look like a typical Yoruba ikomode laced cloths.

8. Organizers of the Yoruba nation rally are still planning to hold the rally. But there is no enthusiasm in their tone.

9. All Yoruba leaders are keeping mute. According to anonymous hacker group release in April. There is a mandate for Nigeria ruling class to make Nigeria a one 1 party system before 2023. A united nation under 1 religion. So it expected of all politicians to decamp to APC. No room for opposition. Oppose and die. No wonder politicians are keeping mute.

10. Is Yoruba nation agitation alive? Unlike Biafra, this agitation is dead forever like MKO died. Biafra will still rise. It’s evident from history. It always comes back. But this is the first time we are seeing Oduduwa nation agitation. It died the moment it rose because the majority of so-called elite Yorubas don’t believe in it…..Omo Yoruba Ronu!!!!!!!

Prince Eniola Joseph Ojajuni
Former NNPP Governorship candidate in Ondo state.

NB The bull shall rise again.

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