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📜 TEXT: 1 CORINTHIANS 2:6-16“`📜

🔑📖 KEY VERSE: _”But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory” (1 CORINTHIANS 2:7)._

The Lord in His unparalleled graciousness gave Solomon the freedom to ask what he wanted. In utter self-abasement, Solomon was excited, not by passion for greatness or lust of
or riches, but by a desire to do God’s will and lead others in the path of righteousness. He asked for wisdom. Little did he know that that humble request would open floodgates to all other blessings he would need for life. With God’s gift of wisdom came knowledge, understanding, discernment, riches, honour and worldwide fame.

From the passage, we see the emphasis on wisdom, but not the wisdom of this world; it is the wisdom of God. It was not revealed to the princes of this world but unto believers by the Spirit. Believers who love God stand the chance to inherit “the things which God hath prepared for them that love him”.

It is noteworthy that the Bible inserts a condition in this revelation. God will only reveal deep things to those who really love Him. Loving Him makes us to accept what He says about us and to respond to His love by believing, trusting and serving Him. This opens the door for the Spirit of God to indwell us. Then we may receive all that God has promised us as individuals or families.

God’s words teach us wisdom for successful living while His Spirit gives us the impartation of the gift of wisdom. The infilling of the Holy Spirit is also basic to the full manifestation of the gift of wisdom in our lives. How we need this wonderful wisdom for practical daily living and exploits in God’s kingdom. Ask today and you will receive.

✍🏽“`THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:“` _You need the wisdom of God to enjoy His inheritance._



The text gave a comparism between the wisdom of God and the wisdom of man or of this world. Check each of the verses to see the distinct sources of both wisdom and their differences 🤔

Prayer points
Ask God to teach more of His wisdom as you read His word day by day🙏
Ask for the Spirit of revelation of the wisdom of God in your heart on a continual basis🙏
Ask God to remove all forms of foolishness from your heart through the revelation of the Holy Spirit 🙏
Pray that God’s wonder working miracles and wisdom will be manifested in the lives of all the participants at the crusade🙏

HYMN: How Great Thou Art

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