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Technology is advancing in this age than ever before and mobile data is a commodity of great value to brands and companies across the world. If you are like me, who works online and make decent income from it, then honeygain can also be an additional source of income for you, Honeygain uses your unused data to gain information from your browsing activities, which is been used for top brands, to improve their services and consumer interest, while in turn, you earn extra money from this. The good thing about this app is that you do not need to do anything, just leave it on your phone, let it be running on its own, you will earn money from it.

If you will like to find out, if honeygain is a good option for you to consider and if your monthly data plan will favour the app, continue reading, I will explain all that in this article.

What exactly is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a cordsourcing app for mac, Android, windows, which uses your mobile data for their services, while you are been rewarded with cash, the app is best for people who have unlimited data plan and don’t even get to use it all, this happens to me, many times, especially those months when I don’t watch youtube videos, I end up not using all my data, and sometimes it rolls over if I should recharge at the right time, otherwise, I lose it.

Is Honeygain App a safe one?

Some people can be skeptical abuot the usage of their data, especially how it is been utilize, considering the fact that honeygain runs in the background, while you can be doing other things on your phone, according to their website, honeygain only sell your traffic to trusted partners, data scientists, fortune 500and major companies.

Please note, honeygain doesn’t gather personal data from it users, beyond what is necessary for the service, like your email address, IP address and payout options.

The app also has some security features to control what happens; they includes;

  • You can choose the amount of data you want to sell per day.
  • The app doesn’t access your storage.
  • You can control who you share your data with.
  • All connections are fully encrypted.

Is Honeygain Legit?

The reviews on Trustpilot show the app is legit and paying, my friend also earn $50 from the app last month, and there are more than 1,000 positive reviews for it on trustpilot.

How Can I make Money on Honeygain?

There are a number of ways to make money with honeygain;

  1. Sharing your Data: to get started, click here to download  the app and sign up, leave it logged in on your phone, or desktop computer, honeygain will pay you for using your data, the dashboard of the app will udate you on how much you have earned, also to maximize your earning, install the app on several devices, your phone, your computer also.
  2. Content Delivery: Honeygain pays you for sharing your data which they use for internet connection alongside the data of many others, when there are lots of users, they provide stable connection that enhances delivery of larger files such as image, videos and heavy data files that consumes more bandwidth space. The service is still undergoing some testing, but you are allowed to earn credits which can be converted to cash and paid to your account, either paypal or bitcoin.
  3. Honeygrain Referrals: With honeygain referrals, you can easily earn money by sharing your referral link with friends, when they start using the app, you will earn 10% of their earnings, this can be a good way to earn, if you have many friends and family, you can encourage them to sign up and make money too.

How Much Can I earn from Honeygain?

You can earn around $50 and above monthly from Honeygain if you share a lot of data, the minimum required before you can be paid each month is $20, otherwise your balance will be rolled over till the next month.

This is how the payout works;

  • You get one credit for every 10mb of traffic that goes through your devices; the current rate is $1 per 10gb shared.
  • If content delivery is available in your area, you can earn up to 10 credits per hour.
  • Based on the calculator on their website, $20 per month sharing your network from 3 devices six hours per day and 6GB of content delivery per day.
  • $50 per month running seven devices to reach 15 GB of sharing and allowing for content delivery 24 hours per day.

Note that traffic demand can fluctuate, so there could be day with higher earnings and then another day with less data usage which means, less earnings too, it all depends on how much traffic the partners on honeygains need.

How do I get paid?

Once you have download the app and signed up (click here to do so), and you see honeygain running already, follow the steps to get paid;

Monitor your honeygain app, whe you discover you have reached $20 earning, you will see a payout request button, click on it, and you will get a mail from honeygain’s partner, Tilpati, within 24hours, register your paypal with Tipalti, and you will be paid within 48 to 72hours, which is the working days.

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