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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG London Festival of Life 2021, tagged ‘A New Dawn’

I have seen a man who sat listening to me who had the faith of a child. Miracles were happening around the Altar, he was a short man, when miracles happen and he wanted to see, someone who is taller will block his sight, he said to God in his heart how I wish I was taller, he said it, God heard, related it to me, He said there is someone in the congregation who said I wish I was taller, God said tell him to look down, if he finds that his trouser has become shorter, there is nothing wrong with the trouser, he is the one who has grown taller.

I made the announcement.

It was testimony time, he came forward with his wife, the wife said I know where my husband was when we left home, this is where he is now, how do you explain that?

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