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– Pastor David Ibiyeomie

We are building Salvation Ministries Cathedral by the help of God.

For God is at work within you, helping you want to obey him, and then helping you do what He wants.

So, it means even without his help, there are things God will tell you to do, you can’t do it.
Okay, if God did not help us, He wants us to build, can we build?

He says go and build. Without his help, you can’t build. You know how many billions have gone in there?

Somebody walked with me to that premises, life story, a man of God and he said sure if I can get 5 billion, I will not have problem. I told my P.A. see this man oh where does he want me to see 5 billion. When he saw the place, he just felt in his mind that 5 billion is nothing to me.

I said Sir, I don’t touch church’s money. Well, he said N500 million can solve my problem, I said thank you, I said even the church’s 500 million is not my own. He now paused. I said Sir, forget that kind of dream o. If they can ask me that, I can’t imagine what they can ask governors, that is why some governors steal.

People pressurize them with demands. If not for God’s help, there are things God wants you to do that you need His help. You need what? Today, His help will answer to you!

Editors Note:
The Hand of God or Salvation Ministries Cathedral is the 120,000 capacity headquarter project of Salvation Ministries.

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