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I quarreled with a sitting president of Nigeria. He threatened to arrest me and lock me up. He said ‘I will chain your legs and hands’.

And I said ‘your Excellency, in four days time you will no more be a president. They will chain your legs and hands’. Four days later they arrested him. He is now my friend.
Sons of native doctors in my clan were sent to kill me.

When I heard it, I told my driver to park our car where they will not shoot the wrong person. He said, ‘can’t we drive back to Uyo?’ I replied, ‘my friend a commander does not run away from the war front… shut up your mouth let’s show them who I am’.
He began to cry.

He said, ‘if we just reverse the car then we will drive back to Uyo, nobody would have been able to harm you’. I replied, ‘then we would have missed the privilege and the chance to demonstrate the power of God on behalf of the government of God… park the car’.

He parked the car and I sat on top of the car. My sister went to my wife to allow them evacuate she and the children so that those who will kill me will not kill them. My wife said to them, ‘you don’t know who my husband is… he is your brother but you don’t know what the hand of the Lord on his life can do.’ She sent them away.

As the sons of native doctors were singing and coming (with their weapons) my driver began to cry. As they were approaching, suddenly they began to run away. They said they saw one thousand soldiers standing beside me.
I declare, any gang up against your life, the Lord shall scatter!

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