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If your boss is paying you NGN 200,000 every month and you are saving all that money without touching a kobo, you would need to work for 50 months to save 10 Million Naira.

It gets crazy if you want to become a Billionaire; say your boss pays you NGN 250,000 per month and you are saving all that money without touching a single kobo.

This means that in a year you would only have a savings of 3 Million Naira.

So that means you would need to work for 333.33 years to save 1 Billion Naira.

Let me ask you this question…

How old are you today?

How many years would you live on earth?

The lesson learned here is that if you want to be rich you should stop dealing with Bosses.

If you deal with Bosses YOU WILL NEVER be rich.

10 years from now you will discover you are still on the same level..

Sorry if this hurts, but it is reality.

There’s no single billionaire employee in the world.

No employed person has ever made the Forbes list.

You will wake up one day and find out that your friend/ classmate has become a billionaire because he had a plan and he understood wealth creation principles.

If you want to be rich start dealing with your own Prospects, clients, customers, not Bosses.

Get up and do your own business.

Start dealing with people..

All the billionaires have one thing is common- They deal with PEOPLE not Bosses.

Fire your boss and hire yourself.

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