How Church Treated One of her Late Sister — Family Laments As Maureen Badejo Reacts’


Popular UK based Nigerian blogger and GIOTV host Maureen Badejo has reacted to the way the presiding bishop and founder of the Living Faith Church AKA Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo treated one of his members.

The family of one Queen Esther Kehinde told Badejo that their sister who was a Winners full time member and a worker in the soul winning department died on the 24th of January 2022.

Her brother also confirmed that she worked directly with Bishop Oyedepo and that means their papa knowns the late Queen Kehinde very well.

According to the relatives of Kehinde the deceased had a fibroid and she was not ready to go for operation but their papa Oyedepo prayed for her and told her not to worry that the operation will be successful but unfortunately reverse was the case as she later died on the 24th of January, 2022 and was buried the following dayJanuary 25, 2022.

Esther’s body was not released on time because the hospital she used which is right inside Winners Chapel (Canaan Land) demanded for certain amount of money from the family before her remains could be released to them.

Maureen further said the late Esther died at the age of 46 after spending six years in the ministry she had a daughter who is eighteen years old.

Just few weeks after her death to the suprise of everyone the deceased apartment which is owned by Winners Chapel was given out to another member without the knowledge of her family and even her belongings is still in that apartment.

The GIOTV host also said the late Esther’s January salary is yet to be paid, her death was not announced during the church services, and none of their members attended her burial, no gratuity and her only daughter has been abandoned.


Badejo said the founder had made it known to everyone that having a church is a business and she backed this up with a video which she played during the show where Oyedepo said ”church is a business” but Badejo added that even though church is a business centre for Bishop Oyedepo but the labourers also deserves their wages as well.


I saw this post on facebook this morning and i had to post it on this blog to make some clarifications, i am a winners chapel member and i honor and respect my church greatly, the value system they uphold and their impact both in the body of Christ and across the Nations of the world is second to non.

Bishop Oyedepo is not in any way at fault here, even as regard the hospital issue, it’s the normal thing that would have been done if they used another public or private hospital, institutions have their governing principles that cannot be bend no matter who or what, also as regard mentioning her name in the church, winners don’t announce departure of people just anyhow like that, if need be, it will be announced in the workers meeting among the workers, and also it would have been announced in her unity, that one is for sure.

So the writer of this post did a lot of injustice and unneccesary criticism fo the ministry.

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