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-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

*Stop running helter-skelter.
*Every single baby item brought today will be turned to a living child.
*Somebody from this Service will come with her set of triplets.
*Somebody has desired quadruplets before, you are going to have that delivered that.
*No visitation that results from this Service will be terminated by the devil in the name of Jesus Christ.
*Many of these children shall be named ‘Revival’

Today is our Covenant Day of Fruitfulness and yes we are here to see everyone called barren, everyone called childless in this place by divine agenda, will return with their miracle children today.
Every barren life, barren business, barren career, barren family where nothing seems to be working, today shall be a turning point day in your life.

Let’s begin by addressing the dry season in the life of God’s people
Isaiah 51:1-3
God said He is turning our wilderness to Eden and our desert to the garden of the Lord, that means God’s agenda is to terminate every form of drought and dryness in our lives.

1. He was a friend of God. He was a man in love with God.
We saw that love expressed in his rescue mission of Lot. Lot was an ingrate, Lot was arrogant. I don’t know but I want to think Lot was behind the strife of Abraham and his own herdsmen. He waited for Abraham to die, Abraham didn’t die, he said, “No, no, no. Let’s do something. “
Abraham said: take where you want. He took all the beautiful places and yet when he was taken captive, Abraham went with his life for his rescue. He was a man that was in love with God.
Sodom and Gomorrah was going to be destroyed and God confided in Abraham. Abraham said, “No Sir. No Sir. You find 50 people there, will you still destroy?” (Genesis 18:24-25).
He was a lover of souls to prove his love for God. No wonder God called him my friend (Isaiah 41:8).
My friend!!!
He was in love with God.
He saw two men passing by, He ran, please come in, wash your feet, have some food (Genesis 18:1-4).
A man in love with God.
Never suffered dry seasons for 100 years. He was old and stricken in age and the Lord had blessed him in all things (Genesis 24:1; Genesis 13:2). On and on like that, no dry season. He was a man in love with God. He was a friend of God, He was on God’s side all the time.
The seed of Abraham, my friend (Isaiah 41:8)
-Many will emerge as God’s friend in this revival.
As you allow whatever moves God to move you, He will change your status.

2. Abraham was a servant of God
Psalm 105:42
How do we understand the servanthood of Abraham – Romans 6:16
Abraham was a delightsome, prompt and unreserved obedient servant of God.
“Get thee out of thy country”
(Abraham): To where Sir?
Genesis 12:1
I will show you as you go. Yet he left (Genesis 12:4).
Circumcise all the male born in your house and he began with himself (Genesis 17:10, 23)
Same day, delightsome, unreserved: “If I die, I die.”
Genesis 22:2-3
If he was groaning, the servants won’t let him go (Genesis 22:5). There was no tension on his face to go and sacrifice his only begotten son. A servant indeed. Remember if they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasure (Job 36:11).
Show me every genuine servant of God, serving God’s interest by raw obedience, not ‘I’m a servant of God’, but by prompt, delightsome, unreserved obedience, then I will show you one who will never see dry season any more.
Abraham never suffered a dry season from 75 to 175.

3. Abraham was strong in faith.
Build your faith otherwise your doubt will just get you down. Build your faith against the storms of life. Abraham was strong in faith.
Romans 4:19-20
Build your faith to secure your victory in hard times. Strong in faith!
Settle down to consume faith materials. They are God’s method of building the faith of His people. Faith comes by hearing and understanding the Word of faith (Romans 10:17). Faith comes by hearing and understanding the Word of faith.
By His grace, I read everything I think that Kenneth Hagin wrote: some of them 3 times. Church Gist. You can’t build your faith wishing and attending one-hour teaching per week. That is not the way to build your faith.
He was strong in faith. To be out of dry season, you have to be strong in faith.

4. He was always giving glory to God which is a demand for a flourishing life.
All the harvest of the field is perished because joy is withered away from the sons of men (Joel 1:12).
Psalm 67:5-7
He was strong in faith, giving glory to God (Romans 4:20). That is the way it works.

You want an end to your dry season:
Remain in love with God.
Be delightsomely obedient to every instruction from Him.
Ensure your faith is intact at all times.
Be addicted to celebrating the faithfulness of God.
Then dry season will become history forever in your life.
-Today must mark the end of dry seasons in your life.

Now on the other hand, our physical fruitfulness: All seeds of Abraham are redeemed to be fruitful.
Deuteronomy 7:14
That is Heaven’s verdict for the seed of Abraham. Galatians 3:29.
No medical reason under heaven is strong enough to keep a seed of Abraham barren in his body, barren in her body. Therefore, in the name of Jesus Christ, I command the roots of barrenness, childlessness to dry up in anyone’s life here today
If you came along with your points of contact, put them on the floor, right there underneath your seat and let the breakthrough power of God begin to emit the power of God through them.
-Every single baby item brought today will be turned to a living child.
-Somebody from this Service will come with her set of triplets.
-Somebody has desired quadruplets before, you are going to have that delivered that.
-Many will come forth with their set of twins.
-Somebody has desired a male child, a female child, you are having that right here.
No visitation that results from this Service will be terminated by the devil in the name of Jesus Christ.

Deuteronomy 28:18
Fruitlessness of the body – that is one of the curses of the law, but Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13). You have been redeemed, I have been redeemed. The curse of barrenness is now illegal in your life.
-That means everyone under the curse of man walks into freedom today.
-Anyone under any generational curse that leads to barrenness, you are walking into liberty today. You will testify!!!

We also understand that serving God empowers the redeemed for fruitfulness – Psalm 127:3, Exodus 23:26
None: It is a decree. Anyone serving God is entitled to supernatural fruitfulness and this is a Church of die-hard stewards.
-Therefore, in the name of Jesus Christ, your open reward of fruitfulness is finally here.
-All your mockers will join to celebrate the arrival of your miracle.
Your stewardship in the Service unit, your stewardship in soul winning, your stewardship in praying Kingdom Advancement prayers, your stewardship in helping people to get down to Church who are in need, your stewardship in helping the needy among the brethren, every form of stewardship, He said, “the fruit of the womb is his reward.”
-Today is that day (Revelation 22:12). Your open reward of fruitfulness comes alive finally today.

5. As long as we are planted in the House of God, we will continue to bear fruits even until old age.
Fruitfulness is your portion in redemption. By remaining planted in the house of God, not going helter-skelter, not looking everywhere, keeping your eye single on God.
Let me tell you this: I made a 3-life vows with God:
“Whatever you cannot do Jesus in my life, let it remain undone.” ‘Mi ya bo mi lo’ (I am going nowhere). You are my final bus-stop.
“Whatever you cannot give me Jesus, may I not have it”: That is why He is giving me everything that I will need.
“Wherever you can’t take me to Jesus, may I never get there.”
You see when you settle with God, He settles you. It is high time you settle down with God! It is high time you settle down with God so He can settle your issue.

We had a family in Kaduna that had 8 miscarriages and she said in her testimony, “finally I settled down with God.” Their son graduated from Covenant University some years back. Finally I settled with God.
People need to come to the place of settlement with God who settles people.
When you settle with God, He settles you!!
-My God, He will settle you. Every unsettled issue of barrenness is settled finally today.
Matthew 11:29; Psalm 92:12-15
God is never late, whatever time He comes, the solution comes.
If you have been here, our brother would not have died.
No, I am never late. Show me where you laid him. Lazarus, come forth my friend. John 11:25, 43
No matter how stinking that situation may appear, God is never late.
No matter the medical verdict and from whatever authorities it came, God is never late. Whenever God steps in, solution steps in. Today, God is overturning every everlasting mountain resisting your fruitfulness in the name of Jesus. God is levelling out every perpetual hill resisting your fruitfulness in the name of Jesus.
Joy and rejoicing is a spiritual requirement for fruitfulness. After the Word came to Hannah, she stood up and ate bread; her countenance was no more sad and the Lord remembered her (1 Samuel 1:18-19). And she brought forth Samuel and 5 other children after that (1 Samuel 1:20). Joy terminated her barrenness.
One of the plagues of the devil is depression: “Why me? Up till now! What is going on?”
You don’t get out of a trouble like that: I know Him whom I believe and I am persuaded. I don’t care what you say, I am persuaded that He will visit me (1 Timothy 1:12). And He will.
It takes joy and gladness to connect with God’s fruitfulness plan in your life.

Our Heavenly Father is the Baby Maker, the sole Maker of babies. So we cannot be baby beggars.
Psalm 100:3; Psalm 139:14
We are made and He is our Maker
Jeremiah 1:5 – I formed thee. I am your Former, I am the One that made you and that is your Heavenly Father
1 Timothy 5:8
God has these children ready for collection, all you need is your faith. God cannot deliver what you will not believe. Jesus went to Nazareth and they couldn’t get healed; He marveled at their unbelief (Mark 6:6). The anointing was heavy, it was overflowing anointing, yet it couldn’t flow to them because of their unbelief. Unbelief!
God is over ready to deliver these miracle children, but your faith is required for delivery.
-Today, you must take delivery of your own miracle.
-It is your turn. As the Lord liveth, in 9 months’ time, there shall be commotion of children dedication.
-Many of you will come forth with your set of twins; your set of three; your set of four in the name of Jesus Christ.
It’s your turn. It’s your turn at last. Many of these children shall be called Revival because He is given you in the course of a revival. It is going to be a heavy visitation in the name of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 45:1-2
Whatever is holding anybody bound today, the anointing will destroy it forever.
Whatever won’t let you flow into your own inheritance, the anointing will destroy it forever.


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