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How Did the Devil Creep into our Mega Churches?

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Nigeria is no doubt a God chosen Nation, and we are in the very midst of a strong revival, this is no doubt at all, this is so true and so real, God is doing mighty things in this Nation at this moment, this is resulting into the building of mega churches and massive harvest of souls, for which we give God the glory and thanks for what he is doing across our nation.

But today, I want to talk about a crucial aspect of this move that seems to be neglected or ignored to certain extent and this has given the devil an advantage over the church, in some ways.

This is the issue of money, and integrity, it is highly baffling to relay how much looting and cheating is going on in many mega churches today, for security reasons I will not mention the name of any Ministry in this article, so I will speak generally, but this issue is something that we should really consider and look into for real and indeed.

Our churches are running at a mega institutional capacity and we are grateful to God for this, the church has also become a system that solve the problem of unemployment in the country, from the church office, pastorate, accountant and more, to the educational arm of most Christian based schools right from the primary to the university level, this has secured Job for many qualify staffs in Church, the role the church is playing in our world today is very crucial and vital, there is no doubt about that.

 But there seems to have been several reports and cases of looting and embezzling of funds even in the church, the same way we heard it in workplace, banks and other system of the society, it is happening in the church too, the people we least expect to hear such from, it dawn on me that, most staffs don’t see church as a sacred place, they only seems to see it as a workplace just like every other work environment, this is wrong, the house of God demands certain kind of conduct and manner of approach.

Because the bible says, we are the light of the world, before you can serve in a church setting as a staff, you must have given your life to Christ, be genuinely born again and growing in the faith, established in the lord, walking in his ways, having the fear of God in your heart.

If you don’t know, let me tell you, serving as a staff in a church based institution requires you to walk in the fear of God, and walk in the light, you cannot live anyhow you want, because this is an institution that represents God on the earth.

The things we do  matters, I know the church leadership cannot be blame for most of this ill manner staff attitude, one of the biggest church in Nigeria, have had to fire many staffs in the past few years, all boiling down to the fact that, they keep stealing the church money and sometimes, they do it in several millions.

As a Christian, one of the first place your Christianity must be tested and proven, is at your workplace, your duty post and especially any matter that as to do with money, your reaction towards this tells us a lot either God has taken over your heart fully, or there are still some tendencies inside.

In the state where I live, I heard of how a major ministry was to buy land for church building, they gave the money for the land, to a major person in the ministry, guess what? He gave them a fake document and ran away with the money (over 19million Naira), this person is not a stranger to the ministry, he is a part of the ministry, but still, he ran away with the money, this is quiet unfortunate.

It was later that the church realized they have been duped by one of them and the document given was a fake document, I think they are on the outlook for him right now.  This is the situation with the Church presently, I know this may not apply to everybody, but it is happening for real, we thank God for the great crowd, the huge harvest of souls, the outreach and all that is happening, but it seems righteousness is still lacking in the heart of men, especially those that are close to God and his altar, looks like everyone is desiring to satisfy their pocket first as a priority.

This is an aspect that has been neglected, yet the devil seems to be manifesting in the midst of the church through this means, we must fix this leakages, because if the church is corrupt, then how do we shine the light in the midst of darkness? I know this thing does not apply to majority of Christians; there are those who are well meaning, sincere and genuine, but then, the bible makes it clear that the little foxes have the tendencies of spoiling the vine, if they are not fixed.

There is the need for the church to emphasis and speak more on righteousness and fear of God in the heart of men, this is the only way this can be tackled, we must preach and teach more on righteous living, living in the fear of God absolutely as a lifestyle, nobody goes up by stealing, anything that makes you to take to yourself what is not yours, you will never prosper, it reduces your blessing and diminishes your lifespan.

It is the same thing across many African Nations, we have had foreign investors come into the country to establish large Business ventures and employ the citizens, only for them to ruin the venture and loot all the money away, the bible says, “Righteousness exalts a Nation, sin is a reproach” (Proverbs 14:34), the bible also says, in righteousness shall thou be establish, thou shall be far from oppression (Isaiah 54:14).

So we have a people who are perpetually building oppression for their generation to come, by walking and living in unrighteousness, building houses with money that was stolen and it is so bad that people cannot steal from the house of God, rob and defraud their brethren; this is the height of wickedness that must come to an end.

We must live a life that is an example to the world, we must be a true representative of Christ in truth and indeed, our fathers are trying and they have been committed to building the system of truth over the years, but this young generation must know that we cannot build the future on a faulty foundation, God will only inhabit whatever shows forth is glory, whatever is clean and build on truth.

This is a major way the devil seems to be creeping in to our churches, let us send the devil out of our midst, let us revive ourselves and be renewed unto righteousness, and the Lord will revive his spirit of righteousness in the church in Jesus name, Amen.

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