How did they Build the Pyramid in Egypt? It is 4,600years Old


The Great Pyramid in Egypt is around 4,600 years old.

Listed among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the only that have survived into modernity and also one of the most amazing Engineering feat in history (with Great wall of China).

Completed around 2560 BC, the Great Pyramid stands at 147 metres tall and took over 20 years to build.

It was the tallest man-made structure on earth for about 3,800 years until the completion of the Lincoln Cathedral in 1311 CE.

It’s believed that the Great Pyramid was constructed to house the remains of the deceased Pharaohs who ruled over the Ancient Egypt.

Around 2.5 million stone blocks were used, cut, moved and positioned in place to construct this Pyramid.

Each stone block weighs between 2 – 15 tons.

The granite block stones were quarried from Aswan, over 525miles away from the site.

50 bags of cements makes 2.5 tons (least weight of the block stones)



How were they able to lift, pull, and transport over 2.5million stone blocks from 525miles away to the site(No trucks, crane)?

Each stone block is weighing at least 2.5tons while some weighs about 15 tonnes and they were cut perfectly in block shape using what, chisel and hammer.

At the site, the heavy 2.5million stone blocks were arranged in layers, blocks on blocks, lifted, pulled up, till it formed the Pyramids rising over 140meters high, using what, ropes

At 100meters, workers/engineers will be sending/pulling more stone blocks using equipments we don’t know

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