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1) Be the Mr right or Miss right yourself. It is alarming the specifications some people stipulate for a potential life partner! You must try to be the specification that matches the specification you desire.

2) Get God involved – Instincts are not enough. You must learn and understand how God speaks to His children; be a spiritually sensitive Christian. Don’t be proud, but in prayer, tell God you can’t do it alone, and that you are dependent on Him. God guides. He leads. Engage the Holy Spirit by praying in tongues over the issue. He knows the right one for you; He knows the one who will be compatible with you.

3) Have a Good Attitude towards people. There is a whole lot to learn from the attitude of Rebekah in the bible. She was extremely hospitable to Abraham’s servant. This earned her recognition. Are you one with extremely wonderful skills but has a bad disposition? Please do not carry an attitude that will not allow you to earn a recommendation.

4) Be conscious of the Personality you are searching for – There are certain persons who have a poverty-going-nowhere mentality. They have a survival mentality. Watch the vision of the person you are relating with. Is the other person just looking for a place to berth? A good spouse material must be a fearless goal-getter; one that can take healthy calculated risks that will take the family forward. Beware of someone who will drain you of a positive destiny.

5) Do You Desire A Partner or Mere Material Substance? Don’t just look at the ‘outward’. Better to consider the substance, the personality and the character. Grow beyond looking out for physique only.

6) Define Your Life’s Purpose – The provision and partner you desire can only be located within your purpose. There is a vision for your life from the foundation of the world. This is even more important if you are called into ministry.

7) Be a Better Version of You – Keep updating yourself. Go for courses and information that can improve your person every day.

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