How does Bill Gates makes money?

11 Mind-Blowing Facts That Show Just How Wealthy Bill Gates Really Is


At times, it is very imperative we disclose how some top personalities today became wealth and rich; how they managed to cross so many hurdles of adversities, how they persevered, tackled failure and kept there eyes on the ball that todays, they are being celebrated. Not in a corner of the world but across the globe. This encourages and enlightens the youths to smother their dreams and put them into action.

Bill gates is an enigma and a well known personality in the world. He grew with nothing and today he’s a focal point for the world. I know there are some many questions lingering in your mind about this man.

One of such is; why is Bill Gates so rich and famous?. Now, you will get the precise answer to this question. Bill Gates is so rich because he is the founder of the world’s third most valuable company, Microsoft; and has stakes in several top companies in the world. Microsoft was launched November 26, 1976; this company develops programming language software for various systems. And it’s the primary source of income of Mr. Bill Gates.

11 Mind-Blowing Facts That Show Just How Wealthy Bill Gates Really Is

It is no longer a news that Bill Gates was a drop out of Harvard University to purse his programming language dream, even while is school, he spent most of his time using the school computer.

This is a passion backed with focus; his capricious mindset of studying computer language to proffer solutions that will ease and make computer user-friendly has brought him, not only money, but unforgettable fame.

 Bill Gates is currently the richest man in the world with an astounding worth of $85.2 billion as of January 28,2017. So how did Bill Gates get so rich?. Apart from being the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates makes huge of his money from numerous investments, through his personal investment firm, Cascade investment LLC. This is an entity through which he owns stakes in numerous businesses.

Truly, Microsoft is the brand that brought Bill Gates to limelight, and his base of wealth. However, he didn’t limit himself to Microsoft alone; he has several investments and shares with top notched brands across the globe. Microsoft is a technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Microsoft’s best known software products are: the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, Microsoft Office suite, Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. These software have dominated the personal computer operating system market, the IBM PC-compatible operating system market and the office software suite market. Microsoft acquired some social media platforms like Skype technologies in May 2011 and LinkedIn in December, 2016. All these improve the brand, Microsoft, and have brought a lot of money to the brand. The net income of Microsoft in 2016 was $16.79 billion and Microsoft estimated worth is $407 billion. This is just a little fraction of Bill gates source of income.

In case you do not know, Bill Gates is the founder and owner of Branded Entertainment Network (BEN). This company was founded in 1989. This company offers product advertisement and placement, rights clearance, and personality rights management services for the entertainment industry. This company is very relevant in entertainment world as it offers services like product placement, the celebrity photo agency Splash , an online service that assists in licensing images, music, video, and personality rights for commercial use, called  GreenLight. This is another stream of income for Bill Gates.


Bill Gates has huge shares in various top companies in the world; these companies range from different sectors; from communication, construction and mining machinery, beverage, supermarket, to mention a few. All his shares are managed under Cascade investments; below are the list of top branded companies that pay Bill Gates dividend:

  • Bill Gates is the chairman of TerraPower; this company is an America-based company that deals with the design of nuclear reactor. He is one of the primary investors of this company.
  • Bill Gates has a dividend yield of 4.6% in Crown Castle. This company is a real estate investment trust and the largest provider of shared wireless infrastructure in the U.S. The company owns about 40,000 towers and 16,500 miles of fiber supporting small cell networks, where communications equipment, cables, and antennas are deployed to provide wireless service to consumers and businesses.
  • Bill Gates has a 3.3% dividend yield in Caterpillar (CAT); this company deals with the manufacturing of construction and mining machineries. This company is a global company with more than 60% of its sales generated outside of North America.
  • Bill Gates has a 2.9% dividend yield in Wal-mart, this company is the largest bricks and mortal retailer in the world. It is also a general merchandize store that serves over 260 million people;  Wal-Mart generated over $480 billon in sales in last fiscal year, it has over 11,000 stores located across 27 countries and generates about 40% of its sales outside the U.S; Mexico, Latin America, and Brazil accounting for the lion’s share of its international business.
  • Bill Gates has a 2.8% dividend yield in Coca-Cola FEMSA. This company bottles more than 100 brands of beverages and serves over 350 million consumers, it is the largest company bottling Coca-Cola products.
  • Bill Gates has 2.7% dividend yield in United Parcel Service(UPS). This company is the world largest package delivery company. It has more than 100,000 package cars, vans, and motorcycles alongside 237 UPS jet aircraft for easy delivery services.
  • Bill Gates has 2.4% dividend yield in Waste Management (WM); the company is the largest integrated waste management company in North America, it services over 21 million residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers. This company generates revenue by entering into contract agreement with customers to collect, transport, process, store, and dispose their waste. Waste Management owns 252 landfills to dispose waste and trade to their competitors to allow them dispose their waste at a certain fee.
  • Bill gates has a large stake of 6.1% and a dividend yield of 1.8% in Canadian National Railway (CNI). The company operates on about 20,000 miles of railroads running across Canada and mid-America. The company handles over $250 billion worth of goods and transports over 300 million tons of cargo for importers, exporters, farmers, retailers, and manufacturers every year.
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance is another company where Bill Gates has 1.8% dividend yield; the company is a multinational pharmaceutical store with over 13,100 stores in 11 countries; the company stores sell a wide variety of prescription and non-prescription drugs, organized in different categories such as: beauty, personal care, and grocery. Walgreens is the biggest purchaser of generic drugs in the world.
  • Ecolab is another company where Bill Gates has a dividend rate of 1.2%; it is a chemical company that deals with the manufacturing and sales of sanitizers, cleaners, lubricants, cleaning systems, dispensers, water treatment products, and on-site services. The company’s product and services are very essential as they are used in every industry to ensure safety and maintenance of clean environment.
  • Bill Gates has a dividend yield of 0.9% in FedEx. The company runs a logistics business that provides transportation delivery services to more than 220 countries and territories. The company is one of the largest distribution networks in the industry with over 47,000 vehicles for operations.
  • Bill Gates has a dividend yield of 0.4% in the prominent media company in the Spanish-speaking world and a large cable operator in Mexico; also the biggest satellite pay TV systems in Mexico, Grupo Televisa. The company is a leading producer of Spanish-language content in Mexico and one of the largest in the world. It also owns one of the largest cable operators in Mexico and a leading satellite pay-TV system in the region.

These are the known  Bill Gates investments; it is obvious that Bill Gates is a very astute entrepreneur and investor. His investments are centered on companies built on long term viability. The dividend of each stake in each company is a very huge sum of money, the money is so much that he launched a humanitarian foundation in the year 2000, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. This foundation is solely funded by Bill gates and his wife, Melinda; it is said to be the largest transparently operated private foundation in the world with over 1382 employees. The aim of this Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty in the world; and to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology in America. This is a very laudable humanitarian service and he is indeed a great man

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